Thursday, June 28, 2007

Life Begins Here...

or so to say.

tomorrow i shall leave for kl, and the following evening will be off to ulu-ness of a place called nibong tebal. sigh.

tonight shall be the last night, before many nights have passed, i will be granted to have a comfy sleep in my comfy bed.

today shall be the last day, in many days to come, for me to be on this computer.

more than 600km away from this home, i dont think i'll be blogging much, or even allowed to be reading updates on all your blogs. one of my daily routines gone.

dont think i'll be online in msn soon either.

i will miss food.

i'll meet new people.

well let's all hope what i've blogged today wont materialize ;D

coz thats what i'll be doing. join the fun!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Mrs. Doctor & Mr. Dentist

Somethin' bout the look in your eyes,
Oooh it just makes me feel so right.

Joss Stone- Tell Me What We're Gonna Do Now

i have a liking to joss stone's songs. not all of em, but most of em. i think she is rather under-rated. she could be a much better singer.

(ok i think that is the drugs speaking)

i'm down with tonsils again. and fever. morning i went to see the doctor.

doctor: its been awhile since i last saw you.

ME: well isn't that a good thing?! i've got my dose of fever medicine, something for the swelling, and antibiotics. i hate the after taste of med. it sticks in your mouth for ages! yucks.

and i'm awfully hungry. i tend to get VERY hungry when i'm sick. but the thought of eating isn't very enticing. with the tonsils swelled up, chicken curry isn't enticing. damn!

anywayz, have bout a week plus left in jb. gotta report for uni next sunday. actually next saturday, but think i'll miss that, and go the next day for pretty good reasons. will be moving WAAAYYYY up north. i just hope they've got wifi. proper food, coz good food is pretty impossible. and clean toilets. yep CLEANNN toilets.

oh and i might get my own lappie! yay! not confirmed yet. anyways, any suggestions what should i look out for? i'm bad with techtalk. i understand RAM, but whats the Ghz for? and the rest? and isnt intel celeron old?

oh and the blardy surat tawaran and whatnots have not arrived! so i'm a bit freaked out bout my uni admission!

ok randoms randoms randoms.

earlier before going to the clinic, i went to the dentist coz i was having some bad stinging pain everytime i had cold water.

you have very good teeth.
no decay!

so the stinging pain was because of the thinner enamel of my teeth. have to start using sensodyne toothpaste now.

i've very good teeth. the dentist said so.

Sunday, June 17, 2007


one year passed with a silent dash,
like a gush of wind,
effortlessly through gaps of my fingers still.

one year passed with a momentous wave,
swallowing me in its very direction,
a sudden push and a halting drag,
to bring a perspective of somewhat luster.

one year passed with thorough form,
sketching fables in forsaken caves,
ruffling the calm of dangling green leaves,
once under thy unspoken sovereign peace.

one year passed with an unavoidable begining,
one year passed to bring this day of last,
rises the ubiquitous sun again some time.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

In The Office Pantry

i've bout 5mins to blog before Heroes starts so lets zoooommmm

scenario: office people talking bout me wanting to become a pilot. coz everyone seems to be on break together, so choose a silly topic to bombard and blast. with me, or against me.

note: KD thinks its a bad choice. she thinks a plane crash is as common as a car crash on KESAS highway. KY thinks otherwise. in my favour.

KD: eh tak sayang ke muka cantik mati cepat?

me: well, dah lama idamkan. sooo tak pe ahhh (i've already told her its not likely to crash)

KD: boleh setuju lagi! hahahaha... tapi kesian lah. kalau crash nanti.

me just laughs.

KY: yak'lah. hidup lama pun, DOSA JE LEBIH!

-k needs to rush downstairs. bye bye!-

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


God has pity on kindergarten children.
He has less pity on school children.
And on grownups he has no pity at all,
he leaves them alone,
and sometimes they must crawl on all fours...

Yehuda Amichai
if you've read today's NST papers, you'd notice at the top, just below the words "New Straits Times", in a banner-like note about friendster.
it reads:
3.1 million users make us No. 1 on social networking website
(i'm too lazy to snap a pic a bluetooth it to the comp, so check it out yrself)
such an 'honourable' accomplishment?!
at least it make sense now why there's just TOO many locals being 'connected' to every ang moh out there.
and i guess they failed to TRULY analize the accounts. i know quite a few ppl who create multiple accounts, or even create fake personas. that would decrease the 3.1mil figure quite i bit i'm sure.
well at least they were fake identities of humans.
RRonaldo created an even more awesome account. for his dog.
i cant seem to insert the url here. blogger having some prob lahhh damn irritating.
wonder how many woofing accounts are really out there...

Friday, June 08, 2007

Debate 04'

quote of the day:

well it's really how you spend that one day.

i watched Pirates3 (FINALLY!) and Shrek the Third :D

anyways as i was on the bus back home, a familiar face got on the same bus. i didnt know him that well, but he was a familiar face from the past lol so lame...

he did hold a significant part in my highschool life. see going into form5, my english teacher sent my name for the debate team. at that time, i wasnt even interested in debating. worst still, the debate team i was in, was a bunch of virgin-debaters. none of us had ever gone to watch a debate, or even wanted to be there.

but soon it all changed when the training started. the head teachr was fun. i think he's more into competitions than into teaching, but i didnt care so long as he wasnt my class's english teacher hehehe...

the build-up to our first debate wasnt so bad. since none of us were debaters before, expectations were low. but i was pretty determined not to make it just a one-round-er team. i wanted us to last at least a few rounds, make an impression, and lose with dignity.

and i was true...except the last one. which turned out a long story of could-be betrayal.
(never expected such a dull thing as debating to turn out into such a soap-opera eh?)

we were granted many permissions to skip classes, we gleamed. we were allowed to practice in comfortable rooms, we gleamed some more. we were given extra long breaks at the canteen, we gleamed even more.

we got left behind in add maths class, we sucked it up. we got picked on during add maths class BY our own add maths teachers, we tried to suck it up lol...

so the familiar face on the bus? well he was a member of the first debate team we faced. their 1st speaker sent a shiver down our spines when he first opened his speech. he walked out front resplendently. he stood bravely. he spook fluently. greeting the judges, us, and the audience. he opened his speech, straight from his mind!

we sat at the other side of the room nervously, cold and sweaty palms. DAMN! they memorized their speech! we needed our speeches in hand for reference!

then suddenly, swiftfully, he reached his back pocket with his left hand and shook a folded piece of paper into a straighten front. and started reading word by word.

you have no idea how relief we felt from that moment on. imagine losing at home grounds! at least now we stood a chance. and we did. we won 3 debates. lost the last, but managed to salvaged some dignity for my school in that one :D

it was also in that first round where i went on questioning the opposing team in one POI (each POI 20secs only i think), refusing to sit down, coz he wasnt answering my Q. everytime i was ready to sit, he would say something which i had something else to refute, and so i looked like an ignorant fool refusing to take his seat. i remember my teachers in the audience giving hand signals to me to sit, and the head teacher covering his face with his hand at that moment hahahaha...

surprisingly, i got the best speaker that time hahahaha... no one could believe it.

the 3rd round, was against an all-girls school, and they went on some weird ground saying prostitution are the longest known carrier and somewhere along the guidelines it never caused social ills.

i retaliated with "do you see prostitutes knocking on your doors at home? hey do you wanna have sex with me?"

that got the audience laughing and the opposing team's reply couldnt be heard hahaha...and i didnt get best speaker, no surprise i think.

so that was that. meeting the guy on the bus, GoodPerson, reminded of that time.

GOSH its been 3 years! so much has happened since that 3 years. and i still remember him, and he remembers me! (although he DID think he met me at chess, which i dont do, then i said 'debate?' and we both 'ahhhh yes' together and confirmed our acquintance) usually i'd act not bothered, but dunno y yesterday i didnt.

so whats gonna happen 3 years from now? hmmm...

word of the day:

fistula: a hole in your rectum that bleeds foul-smelling pus and faeces all day long.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Is He?

in the livingroom watching tv with family, when the maroon5's advert for their new album goes on.

and he sings:

give me something to believe in, coz i dont belive in you, anymore.

the infectious tune of Makes Me Wonder played over the telly. initially, i did not like it, but it did grow on me.

anyways as the advert went on, and i soon found myself singing along not-so-loudly, my sis makes a remark about "avril lavigne's bro" adam levine, the lead of maroon5:

sis: sharman, he's gay.

me: why u say?

sis: look at him. the way he dress up, the way he walk. haizzz so wasted. such a handsome guy... but he's gay.

me: maybe he's metro
(i know some words k. think i even used it for SPM essay paper. the evolution of clothes coined this word lol)

sis: noooo.

*i dont want to argue over something i do not bother*




Monday, June 04, 2007

Think About It

about the original cast of power rangers, did you know?

Red Ranger dabbles in gay porn.
Pink Rager works mostly as an extra on hollywood films these days.
Blue Ranger looks about 50 years old now!
Yellow Ranger passed away in a car crash back in 2001. RIP.
the funniest has to be black ranger. Get this…he was in House Of The Dead 2 as “Locker Zombie”. It was an uncredited role.

-taken from Little Girl In A Reverie-

its sad what's happened to them dont you think? a porn star, an extra, an old man, an RIP, and a zombie? guess their teen star didnt shine as bright as justin or britney. bluerghhh.


last month when i went up to KL, my cuz Nurse lectured me on STDs. think she got the wrong cuz to lecture, but it was enlightening in some ways.

scary too!

but anyways, she was telling me the main STDs (if any others), other than HIV, which were siphilis, gonorhea and herpes (excuse the spelling please. i only know the last one is correctly alphabetically arranged).

so anyways today i will touch gonorhea. i hope its the right one i'm blogging about.

yea so she was saying gonorhea, explaining the physical transitions that could happen to your 'sacred instruments' and what not.

did you know (again!), that if you've got gonorhea, you're sacred instruments would start smelling like fish?

imagine opening your fly, to be whizzed into a fish market! euwwww...

whats worst if its a girl who has it. you could smell the fishy stink if she's sitting beside you!

SOMETHING SMELLS it from under your skirt?


and its no wonder, that whoever it is, had the inspiration to coin this saying:

"if it smells like rotten fish, don't stick your tongue in it"

he/she must have created it in bed i'm sure :D