Thursday, January 25, 2007

Weight Gain, Or Pimple Pain?

I met up with Dr.K the other day in CS when I had my 1.25 hour break. Was telling my mom bout it, and the conversation when a bit like this:

Me: Met Dr.K today. She says I look better now... I have supposedly put on weight.

Slight smile across my face.

Me: Although, I've only put on around 0.5kg since I last met her. Guess all the fats have gone to my face!

Both of us laugh.

Mom: Or maybe all the pimples pop up on your face make you look fatter!


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Books, Materialism, And Envy/Hatred

about books...
I've been having pretty long breaks between my job at the cheque clearing company the past few days, so I head down to MPH in CS. I like the MPH there, it's pretty quiet, nicely lit, and its rather comfy. I prefer it much more than the overcrowded Popular. Hoping to get myself a MPH Reader's Card soon, when the $$$ arrives.

I was browsing through the books there, and I found a familiar title among the rummages of other books.


I saw this book in the hall, on SIL's bag on the shoe cabinet a few weeks back. The one she borrowed was kinda rundown, so I presumed it would be a hard to find book. Yet I found it there in MPH, new with the "Orange Prize Winner" print on its face.

I've been reading it, and so far reached page 25. Its nice, except for the vocab which is too wide(:P), and the rather TOO descriptive way of writing. But hey, a change once in awhile is good. So I've addicted to that book. I feel bad reading it there without buying, but hey, when the $$$ comes, I'll consider the buying hahaha...

At home, I'm stuck reading a Hitler book. I bought it "just because". It seems alright, for now. Hope it doesn't have an atrociously stupid ending like the last book I held. Because I bought them both from the same place, the MV Doulus(that ship sailing across continents selling books). And anyways, I didn't pay for it. My sis did. So I can't say I bought it. But finish it I must, or I'll feel bad...

about materialism...
I'm dying to get a new hp! Cannot tahan!!! I know I'll have to wait a few months for collective cash to be sufficent for my ideal hp, but I can't tahan! You want buy me new one?

I was contemplating getting an OK hp, and an i-Pod, but its gonna waste loadz of money I guess. So I think I've decided on a superfly hp instead.

I like motorola a lot, its battery lasts longer compared to other brands, but their cameras slack big time! Its either 1.3MP or a 30 sec video recorder!


Rokr E2 is good, but the camera!!! Haizzz...

I was looking out at N73 and N75, 3.2MP and 5.0MP respectively. Super nice. But the price is exorbitant and the battery so useless! Plus, I don't like the bulkiness of nokia...

I've got few months more before I decide, because certainly one month's not enough to save up, hopefully Rokr E6 comes out soon, although I had the touch screen...

about envy/hatred...
An old friend from form1 added me on Friendster today, so I checked out his profile. He's a friggin' student pilot...which I think he meant cadet pilot...


So very geram laaaa. I mean I'm happy la for the fella. But I'm still stuck here. I wanna be a cadet pilot too.

I shall check out for updates now. Just to calm me nerves XP XP XP

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Passion Here? Or There?

Star Education today had a story about a guy who got a scholarship to study in Cambridge U. He enjoys it very much, and so full of passion he spoke about it.

He insist the importance of education, speaks about scrimping on meals, and yet enjoys every part of his year there. The lectures and coursework didn't appeal to me. It sounded rather exhausting, but he still likes it. However, CAMBRIDGE U. Woooooow man! It'd be fun saying, "I'm studying in Cambridge", and here all the "oooo" follow after.

Another article spoke of a person studying some course that has BOTH science and arts well induced in it. From chemistry to literature. That sure sounds fun, but studying in colleges isn't really affordable, you know? Besides, passion for everything, is it really in me? I'm not that talented *laughs*.

Then there was another article about engineering. The chancellor was saying how engineering has become very popular this year, as people realize how "hot" it has become, but never as "hot" a course as medicine. Again, passion was crucial in the course of engineering, while stating how "it's actually not that hard". I'm sure for those with passion that is.

This whole issue of PASSION has got me jittering to find passion. I like the whole shyt about studying science and all. Understanding it, and noticing its application around, finding out about its mechanism and besides, it makes me sound smart. In my head. I really don't mind the studying, really. But I can't stand the exams. I'm don't think I have that passion to do it. I'm always in awe with people like them, like Atta who's so determined (and on his way) to become a doctor.

I remember last year in physics, Mr. Lam showed us a CD Software. Then there was one part about the particle lab in Scotland or something, where they built a circular path underground and test particles by accelerating them. Not so clear my explanation, but it was the SAME thing as the one in Angels&Demons, the Dan Brown book. Lemon & I were stunned! Seriously, I thought it was just Brown's figment of imagination. I couldn't believe I was learning about it in the classroom.

Then the other time in CSI, they did cromatography, and explained the thermite process! Its nice knowing what we learn in textbooks actually are still in use, and not outdated. So many more other things write a smile across my face because of what I've-learned-and-seen-in-life.

I don't really know what I wanna do if I'm forced to opt for something else. Engineering isn't an easy sub, and it sure isn't cheap, regardless of wherever I do it. I thought of switching to arts, but what if its the wrong choice? Like something that's got to do with language, but I've been learning science for so long, is it really wise to change? When I've no basics. I know many people do it, but.....

Anywayz I'm left stranded, searching for passion. Anyone know where to find it???

Please inform me A.S.A.P. Thanks.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Letter Through A Blog

Dear Dilah,

How are you? Its been so long since I've heard from you. What have you been up to? And how's drummer boy? By the way, do you still miss me?

Yes I know you do.

But sorry I can't reciprocate that same sense of feeling towards you though. I still obstinately think we should remain as mutual friends. Sorry.

Anyways, I started working at a company clearing cheques bout 4 weeks ago. Basically we just sit in front of the computer and type account numbers and amount deposited. Work starts at 2pm, and ends around 6 something. Its not bad, cause I'm only needed to use one hand to type. Pay is good though.

I've also just started a second job at my uncle's request at his law firm. I've been here for a week now. I come around 9/10am and knock off at 1pm, and then head to town for my other job. SOMETIMES I would have to do typing, but mostly I do nothing. Lately, I've been effectively using time at the office to surf the net and update my blog. Other than that, I speak into the telephone receivers, and answer the door to receive some junk mail from the mail man. But most importantly, I have to make coffee or milo depending on the mood. For my empty stomach of course.

As such, I think you may have realized how much time I spend in front of the computer these days. So, I'm getting sick at the sight of computers day by day, or I'm just to tired to log on to the computer at home. That's why you rarely/don't ever see me online nowadays. Please excuse my online absence. I would come on messenger, but the computer at my uncle's office has a REALLY outdated windows messenger which can not be used anymore. I would download a new one, but I'd take too long since we're on dial-up services at the office.

I think that should be all. Please do reply me soon. Think I need to make a cuppa drink, my tummy's rumbling. So take care and be good at school. Finish your homework.

Yours faithfully (I've been typing those 2 words a lot recently),


*laughs* Dilah jangan marah ok? Gurau shj!

The first day I started work at this law office, I spoiled the printer. It was old anyways. So 3 days ago we bought a new one.

I installed the programs and fitted the new Canon printer nicely.

I typed ABDCEF in Word and tried to print. Unsuccesful. Some pop-up window popped saying it could not print and sumething something. Wow. Didn't bother to read the whole message. Lazy laaa.

So I tried to print again.

Unsuccesful again.

And again.

And again.

Finally I decide to call the Canon service centre and they ask me to do this & that and ask me to print again. Still unsuccessful. Dumbfounded, they decide to send a technician over later.

As I hang up, I try to print again, and that window pops up again.

THEN I realized it was saying "...HP Printer could not print..."



It was trying to print using the old, unplugged, I-crashed-the-HP Printer! Aiyaiyai...

So I went to Control Settings and changed the settings and finally it could print.

Less than 5 minutes had gone, and I called Canon Service Centre and told them the problem was solved.

They didn't ask why or what was wrong. And I didn't say anything to them either.

Pathetic huh?

I know...

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Black, speaking ing-leech?

Rain, the k-popstar, is REALLY creative. He entitled his fourth album, get this, its really cool, "4th Album"! Wow.

You sing a foreign language song. You put a word or if you're good enough, you put a sentence, but its also alright if you just put nothing in english, then give that song an english title.


I really don't understand why couldn't you just name the song in the language you were singing it in. Publicity or wider market if people can actually read and pronounce your title correctly? Maybe.

But most of these guys you find out won't even know how to speak english. They just know how to say that word/sentence in their song. Must have taken them pretty long to figure out how to unroll and reroll their tongues to finally be able to pronounce it.

The other night, mom got me confounded. Rain (that famous korean singer) was accidentally on Mtv. She said,

"He's not even good-looking. Why he so popular? Why so many people like him?".

Although its kinda wicked to idolize a person based on their genes/noticeable features, but it is true. Why the heck is he so famous? His singing? Its alright, mediocre. I'm sure there are many more who can out-sing him. His dancing? I think its just a play with the sound effects and camera angles that make it look good. His looks? He has any? Hmmmm...

I could only come up with one explanation. Its based on cuz Ashes theory of black, white & brown. He says you're either black, white or brown. If you're a black person, then you're cool. If you're white, you ain't cool but you're alright if you don't try to cross your borders. But trust me, you don't want to be brown! You won't even be categorized as a PERSON. You're just brown.

Don't take this as a skin colour discrimination. Its got nothing to do with skin. Its based on how you are. How you act. In our community that is. However, honestly, I gotta tell you this theory is actually weaved on the american life...Bronx rulez! Suburban no good. Get it? If you don't nevermind.

So according to Ashes, its the blacks thats gonna make it cool. Watched "John Tucker Must Die"? See his good friend is a black guy. That's why the movie was good. And if you bought a dvd player that can't play pirated goods, then I'm sure a white made it.

So Rain. I think he's famous just because he's trying to be black. And surprisingly, its working. Somehow...a white trying to be black...

Anywayz, I like Rain's new song "In My Bed", the one with the sleek black car in the background. But I only like it because its got a nice music/tune, which he has stolen of corz! From some r&b english song, think it was originally sung by a girl/girl group titled "For You I Will", no not Teddy Geiger. The english chorus goes something like "I will climb the mountain's high/ I will cross the ocean's deep...", I THINK. Listen it yourself and tell me if you agree, and if you remember the original song as well, or if you've noticed it as well!

Btw, I did NOT hear one time the words "in my bed" in Rain's version of the song. Sheeesh.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sleepless In My Room

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Do you get much of those nights when you need to sleep but just can't? Your mind's too active and keeps wandering. Your mind send signals to the other parts of your body:

SHUT DOWN option could not be found!

So I've been having sleeping problems the past 2 or was it 3 days now? Yea anywayz, I coudn't get to sleep, and as I lay with the unrested mind, tossing the blanket off and picking it up from the floor, I TRIED to fall asleep. Then an irritating thought comes to mind, one that just stems itself right smack in your mind and never leaves.

Back a few months ago, that thought would be physics formulas and maths graphs. Seriously, when I went to bed and shut my eyes, my mind would automatically recite all those formulas and graphs. Then I'd get nervous, wondering if those formulas and graphs were correct. It'd take probably 2 hours of those irritating thoughts to finally get me some rest!

Now, its happening again. With numbers instead. Since I'm dealing with account numbers and cheque amounts, as soon as I shut my eyes, numbers just flow left & right! Gosh, dunno who's account number would be playing in my head!

And due to this lack of sleep, I got a lil warning from the person in charge there(really dont know her pangkat la!). As soon as I walked to the computer on Friday she said, "Sharman, did you check your report? A lot of errors yesterday!...."

WHOOPSSS!!! Its not like I intentionally did it. It was the first time though, so I guess its quite ok since I've been working for like 3 weeks now *reassuring myself hehehe*. And luckily it was just the both of us. Once, she said it to one of the other guys in front of everyone in the packed office! Waaaaahhh sure lose face! Hahaha, but I guess we should learn from mistakes eh?

Hmmm its pretty late and I'm still awake. Guess its gonna be one of those nights AGAIN!

-wish you were here-

Friday, January 12, 2007

Mistaking People

I walked up those few steps towards the entrance as this malay dude walks out of it. We are the only ones there at the moment.

He looks at me from afar, and as I pass him, he mumbles "pan pacific". ASSUMING he was asking where Pan Pacific Hotel was, I pointed to my left dumbstruck. Pan Pacific Hotel was just THERE. You'd have to be illiterate not to have been able to notice it!

Then he just continues staring at me. And I, stupidly stand there staring at him as well.

Finally he says, "You adik Calvin kan?", with a little melancholic wear in his eyes.

"Yes", I replied with a raised eyebrow.

Then he shuts up again. Feeling it'd be rude to walk away, I still stood there waiting for more words.

"Dah lama?", he asks.

I shot him a raised eyebrow. I was waiting for him to asks where's my bro now, where's he's working, or if he's still working in NY Hotel. The usual shyt I get when I bump into one of his REALLY old ex-classmates.

"Uhhh... dah berapa lama eh?", he asks with a sadden tone.

"Dah lama apa?", I asked curiously STILL with the raised eyebrow, and a lil smile across my face.

"Errrr...dia dah meninggal kan?"

"APA?!", still with the raised eyebrow and smile, wondering if I heard him correctly.

"Calvin dah meninggal kan?"


"Budak lain semua kata Calvin dah ... betul ke?"

"OTAK ENGKAU LA!", I interjected at such an absurd proclaimation.

"Ye la, dia orang yang kata. Aku sama batch dengan (someone people's name and I just nodded to whatever he said). Aku dulu main hoki"

Hmmm okkkk.....

"Buat apa sekarang? DJ (my school) macam mana? Sport?", he questions...

"Baru habis form6. Sekarang kerja ar. DJ ok la. Sport dah tak laku sangat ar"

Next is when I started to wonder if he was on crack or something...

"Ohhh. You sport macam mana? You dulu lari kan?", he says with a smirk.

"GILA EH? Aku manalah ada lari."

"Jangan tipu ar... aku ingat la you dulu lari".

"Engkau salah orang la...", I replied, quite stunned at his lack of memory. SERIOUSLY. Me, running? HAHAHAHA. I was laughing internally like mad!

Out of the blue he says, "Eh betul eh Calvin tak..."

"BETUL LA! Ishkk...kawan you merepek la!", I interrupted.

Somehow I managed to get myself out of that conversation and headed up to the office.

Then after work, I see another guy talking to a lady while fagging, and as I pass him he makes some weird noise. So I look up at him, and he looked liked he was saying something to me. I walked up to him.

"Calvin kan?"

"NO. I'm his younger bro la!", irritated with this annoyingly common question from blind fools.

The usual, he kirims his salam to my bro. Ishkkk, jadi postmaster pulak!

LIFE is a Long Irritatingly F*cked-up Experience.

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sharman's Theory Of Laziness

I've thought about this for almost a year already. Finally I have decided to share it to the world! "Eureka" I should shout perhaps?


The basic principle we know about energy is that:
(1) Energy cannot be made or demolished
(2) Energy can ONLY be converted to other forms, that is for instance, kinetic energy can be converted to sound energy.

So from (1), since energy cannot be made or demolished, my apostulate is that there must be a fixed amount of energy this earth has had since the begining of time, and it is merely passed on. Now lets assume there is "X" amount of energy in this WHOLE earth.

Lets just ASSUME that there was only 1 person in the whole earth at the begining of time. So he/she would have X amount of energy.

But obviously, through curiosity and hormone urges, humans AND other organisms have multiplied since the begining of time. Lets assume there are 1000 things living now.

So all living things will have X/1000 or approximately of some amount like that. That is a significant difference compared to a whole X amount of energy, right?

And since work requires energy, and we have less energy to do work compared to our ancestors, we can't do as much work as them. Hence, not doing as much work, not that we want to BUT THE LACK OF ENERGY, causes a slip-minded term of 'laziness' to hatch. Its not really our fault now is that?

So that's the end.

I tell you, I should seriously be given a Nobel Prize For Science or even for humanity, for my thorough research and worth-wise contribution! This theory explains everything! Give me the award people, don't worry, I'm good with money. I won't waste the prize money with stocks or shares. I promise not to follow in the footsteps of...

...dear ol' magnificent Albert Einstein...

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeling The Arrogance

As I pass by the watch shop, I see a first-former getting himself a new watch. He has already drenched the uniform.

Through the windows of the bus I sit in, I see more uniformed students crossing traffic lights, and waiting at bus-stops.

I see loadz of students through my journey to work. HAH! A new never-ending-feeling school term has begun!

FINALLY I'm done with school... *sniggers*

I took the bus extra early today for no apparent reason and had an extra half an hour before work started today, so I went around CS for awhile. As I got out of the elevator, this chinese girl, probably around my age, stops walking, wide-eyed and stunned, smiles and tell her close by friend, "Hey! That guy!", in mandrin.

Honestly, I have REALLY no idea who she was. I just returned her smile and wandered off, STILL thinking who the hell she is! Most-Probable Conclusion: She mistook me for my 2nd bro. WHY? Coz people just tend to do so. Don't ask anymore why's, I have no idea too.

Moving along, something about 'work'. Although it is NECESSARY/a MUST to write "only" or "sahaja" after wording the sum of your cheque, as in "RM One hundred and ten only", I find it an ABSOLUTELY friggin' arrogant statement if it goes something like this:

"RM Nine hundred sixty five thousand only".

Wow. We know you got loadz of money, no need to show off! You just exhale arrogance. Putting the "only" there just makes you sound like " that's just a small amount, I've got much more stashed away. Noticed I wrote 'only'? "

Or at least to me la. Considering the fact I dont believe I will ever write a cheque that big OR even have that much in my savings!

-Less than 200 pages left of Harry Potter. He's still waiting for me on my bed!-

Its Here, Its 2007!

So now I come to you,
With open arms... 2007?

Well I really don't know if I'm anticipating much from 2007. The last time I anticipated a year, 2006 to be precised, it didn't turn out too well. So this year, no anticipations, no resolutions. Whatever will be, will be.

It came with a good begining. Seriously it did. The countdown wasn't really much of a countdown, but the minutes, or hours I think, that came afterwards was gewd hehe. Went out with my sibs instead of my friends this year, maybe a change will do good?

The songs playing over the megawatt speakers weren't THAT great, but I guess the company were of the opposite. First time I believe we've spent a New Year celebration together. It was awesome celebrating together, even though it was pretty hard walking a straight line by the time morning aroused. Luckily for me, the tiles on the floor provided a good guideline of my directions! :-)

So I may, contradictory, be sitting assuming a hopeful good year.

Its a new year, a new begining. It won't be absolutely smooth I'm sure, but I'm keeping myself readily opened for a much smoother ride. I'm sure many of you do hope too, don't you?

So, may all of you out there, embrace the new year with a better prespective on life? I'm sure I want too. Let's try not screw anything up now!


Cheers everyone!