Tuesday, March 27, 2007

2+0= 20!

the previous post wasn't empty. there WAS a post, but when it got 'published', it got lost as well. tragic ain't it?

*sings Ain't It Funny*

my burfday was last friday. i've turned twenty. the big 2 OOOOOOO

no more teen. old redi. or old-ing for that matter.

i also was on the way up to kl last friday. *insert fake happiness now* i celebrated my burfday with a bus ride! *ends fake happiness here*

so everyone i met in kl who found out my burfday was on friday last weekend asked me, 'how did ya celebrate???'

me: i took a bus ride (said with a rolling eyes smile)

so cool isn't it?


now, doesn't everybody do that on their burfdays?


vonblue said...

happy belated birthday again!!!:D :D :D

Caroline said...

Ooh! happy burfday! Wahahaha! Old fella liao lo....=P But nvm...20 is a nice number...hehehehe......

sharman said...

hehehe thx monsta!

caroline, why is 20 a nice number????

Caroline said...

coz...uhh...20 is a nice number, uh, coz....it has a nice big '0' in it...lol...i guess that there's a nice ring to it where one can't reli tell if we're still teenagers or young adults.AHAHAHA!

sharman said...

i'm no longer considered teen redi :(

but i dont wanna b young adult either!!! euwwww.... so boring

Caroline said...

Uhh...young adult boleh lah..duwan old adult can d..hahaha! I won't be a young adult for quite a few months yet! *grins*

sharman said...

no wonder! u still teen mah...for very very long some more...haizzz

ssssssssss said...

hi old man!


Dilah said...

oh gosh..

A really, really, belated birthday young man!

sorry, these days tgh exam. dok rumah tak pakai comp sgt.

da 20 da? ish ish ish...nehmind, still can be young at heart =)

also considering the fact that you dont look even 19 in the first place.

sharman said...

sssssssss: serabai!!

dilah: thx!!! ahahaha i look young!!!! YAY ME!!!!

luck luck for the exams!