Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Short Bytes

- 2 strangers talked to me today. one was a passer-by who asked me where was Kampung Melayu. hope i told him the right place *oops*
- the other man was the bus conductor. was an old bus, so hence the conductor, although its pretty uncommon now. anyway the fella started talking to me about shoes hahaha ... asked me how much my DC pair cost and whether good for jogging! hehehehe..

he was talking about how expensive shoes are nowadays. saying how his RM60 Carlton shoes are so comfy for his daily jog at 5.30pm everyday. he was, however, disappointed when i said my shoes were not meant for jogging coz the soles were HARD. but he did say it looks nice hahahaha ... and i agree coz although its damn simple, but i prefer it to the rainbow-ed ones.

- when i went into form6, i was worried about the curse ruining me. but during form6, i was worried that i couldnt live up to the curse. after the results, i'm thankful for the curse. but what is the curse?

well all through my life, in public exams, i am ALWAYS short of an A compared to Dr.Atta. from upsr to pmr to spm and just recently stpm. ALWAYS. last time it used to be annoying, now not so bad.

but the best news so far, there's no more exams to compare with him! coz we'll be doing different courses hahahaha... at least i hope so la! coz losing out on him quite irritating, but then again, he's the smart one, so one A not bad la :D ...

-btw, fyi i did fairly well for stpm hehehe. better than expected. to other out there, good luck for the future!

- are soooo frustratingly irritating! so many things to answer. so many things to read. singapore Us had so many interesting courses. at the juncture AGAIN, to do science or not? that is the question...

- malaysian courses are soooooo confusing coz its names all in BM so kinda lost what they are. i mean the arts one la since everything like the same only. science quite ok though.

- THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BAHASA INGGERIS AT PERINGKAT STPM! so why do they put that as a requirement? its been dropped. NO MORE in stpm! sooooo un-updated website

QUOTE OF THE DAY (nigerian proverb):
it is when there is a stampede that a person with big buttocks knows that he carries a load.



kristie said...

congrats my dear :)

sharman said...

hehehe thx! hope you've been enjoying work...

Dilah said...

the problem with Sin Us..

too many courses, we are spoilt for choices!

but then again, more is good, no?

So im assumming u did well? congratz sharman =) kalau dah give up on Msia Us come to Sin to study larh. haha. hari2 ulang-alik sin-jb.

mcm org tu.