Saturday, March 10, 2007


nobody knows what's going on yet. only me.


it's not yet even confirmed, but AT LEAST its some kind of acknowledgement! hahahahaha

i'm not gonne tell anyone YET (not even my mom, my sis, my bros...) till i know fully what's happening. i want it sent CLEARLY. i'm pretty superstituous in the fact that i might just blow it off. and there are so many more to come. but its some kinda sign!!! hahahahaha so HAPPY!!!!!

after so long, i'm suppose to go and sleep, but now i dont think i can sleep or even concentrate on my 'work' which i've delayed the past week!!!

very very happy. you need not know why as yet :D no cross fingers, just hoping it's true!!!!!

never expected that it was gonna be helluva packed weekend to be looking forward to, seriously never. but currently, i shall be selfish for that weekend, sorry. i shall let go of some of my previous wanted onbligations.

to whom it may concern, PLEASE just do as you've said.