Saturday, March 10, 2007

Movie: 300

i was hooked when i saw the trailer to the movie 300 on channel V last year. it also got good review from that channel, one of the lookouts for this year. a computer-generated imagery (CGI) compact movie, it looked more of a game rather than a movie. which was a bit of a put-off when i saw the ad's on tv a days ago.

but generally the movie was good. the plot was nice. 300 Spartan men against millions of Persians. some kind of epic if i'm not wrong. gruesome at times, but cool.

it was weird however, coz the persians had Immortals which looked like samurai's, and wild animals and magicians, and all different types of warriors in their army. diversity i guess.

what i didn't like though, were the costumes. you have to watch it to know what i'm saying. first the oracle. with all the censoring i got, they might have just cut that part all off. reason for censorship was due to the amazingly transparent cloth she was using. only a cloth. white cloth which bore her nipples. like they weren't rich enough to afford better cloth?

then there was vesvec. OH GOSH! never have i seen such a transvestite looking of a leader before! seriously, being murdered by him would not be anywhere near as bad as being alone with him. think micheal whacko. but it was funny to see HIM as the leader. i just couldn't believe it hahaha... i could imagine his threat to him army going somewhat like this: "ATTACK NOW OR FACE THE FURY TIME ALONE WITH ME!"

and the platform things they pulled their persian leaders on, it reminded me of thaipusam! like kavadi's la. even vesvec's piercing's reminded me of thaipusam hehehe... but his dressing was just WHATDAHELL? perhaps its been really too sunny over in the Gulf, which could explain his skimpy-ness.

and i didn't get the cape the Spartan's wore. it got in the way when climbing a mountain. and how silly it'd looked if someone tripped over their own cape? ahhhh but it give's them a better spawn-like effect rite?

NahP said it was probably used to wipe their sticky and dirty hands covered with blood during wars. you know, cleanliness and hygiene purposes.

i say its just to cover their asses.

or to wipe their asses. you never know kan? hahaha...all these Fartans...

and i never knew spandex was created so long ago. everyone seemed to be wearing it in the movie. was the in-thing eh?

oh their body damn buffed siut! even WWF (currently WWE but WWF sounds better XP) wrestlers kalah.

but hey, CGI-ed too? hehehe all things are possible in this day and age.


TKDaddict said...

now i also know ...hehe...
yay yay...LOL
eh about the book..i couldnt find it lah...sorry

sharman said...

hahahaha lucky u!

its alrite...i'll just wait for the paperback...