Monday, March 05, 2007

Living In Denial, This Post I Type!

- I'm ALMOST halfway through my book, its been more than a month since I started it. It's taking so long. And before I've even finished it, I already bought books. bookS for after this current book!

Current book: About the rise of Hitler, the wipe out of Jews. History in fiction. Its interesting la, just got so many stories going on at the same time surrounding different people. All somehow connected (hehehe sounds like Heroes kan?!).

Books I bought: Let's Talk About Kevin. A Walk To Remember. Space Between Us(or something like that)

1st book I already wanted to buy quite long ready. 2nd book long time I've been wanting to read since the movie was nice. 3rd book just bought coz read a good review bout it.

Dunno when I'll actually start ANY of the 3 books yet. Lol.

- I'm quite commenting-ful. The last batch of mandrin oranges were small and wrinkly, fruit was OK, but very small so wasting time to kopek and eat such a small fruit.

New batch (ok la not so new, just been in the fridge for long time ready), bigger and looks so nice. Bright and ORANGE. Bad part is: the skin too thin, very troublesome to kopek.

Ishkkk soooo fussy.

The form has been filled. Just need to mail it out. Still thinking. So long still thinking. You don't need to know what I'm rambling about :) its so lame.


vinitha said...

i see that u finally bought the lets talk about kevin book....:)
y la still unsure of whether to sent out the form or not...
sent it la..
dun worry u have my support..:)

sharman said...

haizzz support no enuf lor...need creativity also...

Dilah said...

a walk to remember?

Its reali nice uh?

maybe i shld rent and watch it.

sharman said...

you haven't watched it??? go watch it. its gewd.