Tuesday, March 13, 2007

These In My Head

why does playing in the rain get you sick, but the shower doesn't?

i have been totally neglecting the fact about results which will be out on Thursday. Mainly coz i'm too happy(refer to previous post *gleams*) about the other news.

but when Monday came, with the SPM results released, and when cuz Sash called me all hyper through the hp about her exciting news of A's, it struck to me, DAMN! results are gonna be out on thursday.

it got me nervous. worried. scared. and whatever not.

it distracted me from work.

why exactly, i'm not very sure. but it did bug me. for quite some time, till the other thought returned and brought joy back to me. the other news.

so i've been having a case of hypothermia, for awhile thrilled, next scared shyt, and back again thrilled, and so on and so forth...

but the fact remains, results will be out soon.


SPM- Siapa Paling Maksimum?

thanks for the thought Caroline.

congrats to all who excelled. but a string of A's seriously doesn't guarantee you that you're capable of becoming a doctor (since that's what EVERYONE wants to become...)

do form6/a-levels/matriculation(not Matriks) or whatever that actually tests your brains and not your attendance, and if you STILL excel, then deem yourself fit to be a doctor.

SPM is cheese dudes. (again, thanks Caroline)

in the words of the carpenters: You've Only Just Begun...

...or something like that :P ...

-excited/scared shyt-


vonblue said...

damn so fcukin true.after i witnessed the spm ppl gettin their results(yep i went to sch :P) it bloody hit me dat WE'RE TAKING OUR DAMN RESULTS DIS DAMN THURS!!!!!!!was nonchalant about it til mon,i was worried shit.cuz stpm u can rily fuckin FAIL not like spm , u say u fail n u friggin get a B.damn spm is peanuts.heh.aghhh i dowana FAIL!!!shyyyytttt.

good luck for i duno what luck.


i jz realised i swore a lot :P

sharman said...

haiyooo ya la... some more every year got hear so many ppl fail stpm...damn scary wei!

hmmm...is the old swearing-a-lot yvonne back?

u weirdo go to sch n sibuk menyibuk je

. said...

form6/a-levels/matriculation(not Matriks) ??

hahaha i've tried all of em!