Sunday, March 04, 2007

Stereotype Fair

My horoscope for today: It seems that many Aries have been lucky in love lately. The good news is that the excitement's not over by a long shot... YAY!

*ahemz* Yes I'm an Aries. Aries's month coming SOON. *cough*

Sometime last month I went to Innova JC in Singapore coz someone missed me dearly.

And wanted to meet me.

Anyways, they were having a fund-raiser fair. For what exactly, I'm not sure. What I heard sounds grotesque for a reason, rumour perhaps. So I shan't say it out loud.

I was kinda thrilled going there, wanted to see how different it was compared to the M'sian school-held fairs. I remember once at the Dataran in JB they held a fair, and one of my friend's friend, whom I had just met, started throwing water and flour at me. So I replied the favour, manners kan? Sekali she started crying. Boohoo!

So SmuggCop guided me through to Innova, and led me to TallLankyGirl who started jumping and shouting "YOU CAME!", whilst ignoring my existence for a few secs. She wasn't what I expected, but damn friendly as her online persona.

So we started ronda ronda-ing around. Most stalls were kinda same. The usual food stuff. Mixture of asian and western stuff. But they did go all out to decorate the place. Which was nice to see. Liked the blower thing they put, the one people normally put at circuses. Those powerful fans aimed vertically upwards attached with long luminous-coloured tube-like cloth that starts flapping in the air? Yea that one if you managed to picture it.

I was also surprised (in a VERY GOOD way) that they managed to rent (I think) those giant blow-up jumping castles. You know the one for kids? Like the movie Norbit where Rasputia's hat gets stolen by the kids and they end up in that jumping place? Yep, THAT one. And also they had the Gladiator thing, 2 stilts where 2 people hit each other down with giant cotton buds.

Those stuff must have cost a lot. Unless of course they managed to get good sponsors. Who knows?

So it was interesting. TallLankyGirl getting wet. Lotsa times. Other girls too. Hehehe...

The bands playing were good too! Damn good!

Oh yea they had some artist invited over too. Reality contestants and a (crap) DJ.

Overall it was good. Much more organised and (definitely) cleaner than the M'sian fairs. Had a great time meeting TallLankyGirl and her friends.

Anyways, I was chatting with my working colleague (fuyohhh berlagak sehhh) and he was saying something abt Singaporeans being too corporate-minded.

I think he was just being TOOOOOO stereotypical. It would look so bare if everyone was the same. Saying that all of them were of the same thinking.

I always believe that everywhere you go, even in an office, no one will be the same. Sure TV proclaims many in offices to be very corporate minded backstabbers. But in reality, it doesn't have to like TV. Everyone is different.

Even IF, in the worst case scenario, everyone was the same, you needn't be the same. Break the barrier, BE the standout.

Walking around with SmuggCop and meeting his friends, I realized that they were like the people I know. Got some very proud of themselves, some just goofy, some weird, some more serious, some cool, and SO MUCH MORE!

They weren't serious or studious as how my friend perceived. Nice to be around ppl. Since of corz its a JC, there wouldn't not-so-good ppl like the ones you find around Wong Ah Fook or the bus station. But I'm sure you'd find ppl like that somewhere in Singapore too. You just have to search.

But its TOO stereotypical to say Singaporeans are corporate minded. Yes they are more competitive, but they aren't dont-touch-or-even-talk-to-me kinda ppl.

Don't you agree?

Or because I was with SmuggCop, that's why ppl were so nice. Hehehe...


Another thing, do me and SmuggCop actually look alike, TallLankyGirl? Hahahahaha I REALLY dont think so. But one of his friend did ask him, "your brother ar?"


Not the first time THAT has happened.

And then one of TallLankyGirl's friend thought I was her bf instead of SmuggCop.

Oh yea, I know this is really irrelevant, and maybe inappropriate. But I'm gonna type it out anyways. I'm not racist in anyway k!

One of SmuggCop's friend is a chinese mix punjabi. You know that stupid little joke?
"What do you get when a chinese and a punjabi has a child?"

Hehehe I had friends who'd asked me that question, and another who'd introduced himself as that mixture even though he wasn't even close to it.

First time I'm meeting one though, or at least I remember la. Hehehehe...

-worthless read. sorry.-


Dilah said...

*rolls off with laughter as i read this...*

Ey...WHAT TALL LANKY GIRL? you make it sound soooo insulting gitu.

and ahem. i got miss you meh?

and uh..smuggcop??? why.???

btw, we may not be corporate minded, not for all, but we are definitely $$$ minded. Heh. Justifies the college's fair. everything there is our hard work. no sponsors @_@ sekolah cikopek.

p.s - i wasnt ignoring you lar... actuali was very shy. indeed.

sharman said...

well u ARE tall and lanky, and that was how YOU decribed yrself the night b4 we that is..

and did i say U missed me? well i'm sure were one the many others XP

simply la i can berlagak coz got fren bein a cop mahh...

sekolah cikopek? cikopek means pervert in some chinese dialect leh...but $$$ minded, think everyone also la...

SHY? YOU? indeed i believe u... *konon agreeing face*

btw, u tak jawab the Q, do we look alike?

(i know ur gonna say NO hahahaa)

Dilah said...

wells..ok...dat makes my sch cheapskate then.

Regarding the familiar faces, arh, well wat can i frens claimed you both looked alike. And since you said urself that it is not uncommon pple asking if dats ur bro. lolx. I think coz u both look young. thats why almost similar.

BUT i can still distinguish my drummer boi =))

newaes the day we met were all too weird ler..i mean, it seemed so surreal you came all e way from jb to sg and seeing you in person and when i had to look UP and realising you re so very tall.

Ok my sentences dusnt seem to make sense now.

btw my tagboard isnt working animore.

so to ans ur qn, i took MT As last year. compulsory for all of us.

so this yr took results lor.


sharman said...

hahaha now i think wt the hair can distinguish MUCH easier lol... so cruel....ishkkk sharman ni...

btw, drummer boi travelled almost everyday to n fro sg n jb, u make it sound almost impossible to do the same hahaha...n no im not so very tall XP

*understands the exams now :D *

Dilah said...

its a habit for him to go back and forth newaes..since young. pity boy.

sharman said...

oh well, if he didnt do that, he wouldnt hv found u :D