Friday, March 09, 2007


do you really have nothing better else to do than to read THIS?

money money money...i want more money!!!

should i just empty my savings and get a new hp? which one?

damn irrational

Rokr E6 -vs- N73 ME

E6 can double up as a webcam, and can play AGE OF EMPIRES! hahaha...i love that game
and it uses a jack headphone! but its touch screen...i can get used to it...I CAN I CAN I CAN...i think

N73 ME just looks so cun with its black exterior. 3.2MP camera lagi. And got flash! But the stupid headphone is a plug-in thing, not a jack (hahaha so fussy)...BUT the headphone damn cun wei!!! got remote thing on it, can skip song easily...

DAMN E6 no flash...but i'm not a camwhore wat...I'M NOT ok? or maybe i WILL be...and its so much more affordable than the N73 ME...the latter will just dry me up...

materialism, spoilt by choices. i wish i had more money... *sigh*


one of the most irritating questions i could ever encounter:


ok that's TWO questions... but it just happens! not like i WANTED it!

isn't vitaminD good for the skin? well i tell u this, the polluted air has much greater effect than vitaminD, coz i've been walking in the sun, in the morning for many weeks ready, and my face has gotten nowhere near BETTER. unless i've gotten my learnings wrong, coz i've forgotten much of my biology :D

its damn friggin' disturbing and annoying to feel yr face all itchy everyday. and when you scratch, damn painful pulak. then there's the puss when it gets bad. and blood. bleeeeedingggg...

i've switched to a different face product to fight against this problem, the previous one worked, till i suddenly got immune to its effect about 2 months ago...this new one DOES NOT make a single difference la!

i think i should go see someone... someone special...atta why don't you become a dermalogist(ok its spelled wrong, think there should be a T somewhere) instead? THAT would be helpful... hahaha i'm so crap-ful...

its gonna cost $$$...

...i should start saving more...

i should just start saving.


Carol said... start saving? lol.

sharman said...

saving is not as easy as spending. :D

orang said...

go c a skin specialist lo..

sharman said...

when i am not sleepy enuf i shall go hahahaha