Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Same Old Prob...

in the mamak shop sat 2 seniors, so i went over to say hi, since it was in my path anyways.

seniorA was an engineering student, seniorB was a business student.

both asked me what i wanted to do, and when i said 'engineering' (coz its my back-up plan and more understanding *it seems* compared to my priority), A got a sick excited gleem in his eyes while B kinda rolled his own, but both invited me to sit down.

cuts things short else it'll be too long.

A was saying how money as an engineer was good and about the passion (something i've blogged before) in physics and maths! ok, i dont mind physics (save your rude OMG look/comments for yourself), but maths...ai yai yai...

i dont mind maths, but im just not good at it. sure i can do a few sums, but give me a test and if youre lucky, i'd be lucky if i could do half the paper! it is enjoyable (i hear some groaning from some, except *inserts HER name here*) at times, but it easily frustrates me. i had a failing streak throughout form6 with maths, BUT i did enjoy class. ironically, i was kinda disappointed with my maths results (probably still am), ALTHOUGH as mom has stated out wide and loud,


wow. reality check. i just refuse to accept the truth, but it is (sickeningly) nice to be able to solve maths equations, when you DO achieve it. when you fail, its soooooo horrible.

back to topic, i still dont know what the friggin' hell im passionate about?! *inserts title here* what job requires me to read fiction, without any expectation of a worthy review? i'd accept that gratefully.

B on the other hand was saying how more interesting bussiness is. its not constricted, given you have the capital to start your own company (which i dont have btw). you can where whatever you want, work whenever, go wherever. engineering is so normal and just there. 9 to 5. probably white shirts and a tie. each day for a month, get your pay, and the month begins again. then he said,

"i know a guy who sells popiah at the pasar malam who has enough money to pay his monthly bank loan dosage of 1.7K for his Evo8!"

in my head: must be helluva great tasting popiah!

"i know another guy who deliver vegetables to restaurants and he earns 30K each day!"

phua chu kang boots anyone?

the income sounds good, but hey not everyone's gonna make it. there are the good, the bad, and those that turn out REALLY ugly. get me? BUT i ain't giving bussiness a hoot of interest coz i dont have any in it! theres no 'oooohs' and 'aaaahhhs'. at least in my view.

then theres RRonaldo who so into bussiness as well. wanting to be a millionaire by 30 and retire early. wanting to live life after that, and spend money like crazy, while earning more money doing nothing.

to me, i dont really care if i dont die a millionaire. its not in my wish list to be a millionaire. like hey, if once u get the money, people you dont know are gonna be by your side. and what if something happens to u before u are able to spend it? all goes inherited to your kids (if any).

blashphemy! no way i'm gonna let me kids have a extravagantly good life since young. its not fair. they deserve, they NEED to feel despair and worthless and unwanted and NOT get everything they want. they can crave for many things. they can envy their *good-looking/charming/handsome etc etc* father spend money on himself and the missuss, but cringe at the sound of 'NO!' i tell them when they ask for things.

not all the time. just most times.

they will learn the value of money and earn it themself later on.

gosh i sound like a horrible future father. I SHOULD NOT HAVE A CHILD.

maybe my views will change it time about them. i think it will, since i'm still so ignorant now anyways.

but honestly, money makes the world go round? i certainly dont expect to be filthy rich, although i'd be nice, but i dont craze about it. money is just a bonus to happiness. if i dont get it, then whatever.

self happiness in little things would be nicer. a good family. not just with the spouse, but continuous good relationship with the sibs (recalls present time bout others). lotsa good memories. and lotsa good food!

hehehe good sex too! hahahahahaha...(granted i'm married XP)

but seriously, simple things would be nicer than money. makes me feel whole.

gosh i sound so weird today. but at this present time, i dont really care for excessive cash(for now laaa). as long as its good money with a lil extra so splurge, it'd be fine i guess. happiness can be found more perfect in a different aspect other than cold hard cash.

maybe waking up the next day and knowing who exactly slept beside u?

or not needing money to find a person who's willing to bed u?

awesome food on the table?

picture perfect family portrait?

or really just a good book on a lazy day!

*reassures self* cash is just bonus.

and i dont want to have *inserts future child's name* Sex Tape going around.

what about you? think about it. life IS about happiness, not?


AdrenaLynn said...

Yeah.. I knew ppl who sells nasi campur at a factory canteen and drives a mercedes..... and that's not the only mode of transport they have...

sharman said...

wow cant believe u actually read so long...

nasi campur = mercedes +++


business prospect so good ar???

but do i want a mercedes??? hmmmmm...

shanz said...


i crack up each time u mentioned "good food". hahahaha.

sharman said...

good food only???? tats all??? hehehee

Carol said...

Thats one long post. As for having kids "Do or DO NOT, there is no try" - Yoda.

Ok so i dun know what i'm talkin abt coz i got kinda lost along the way in your post hehe.

Yeah, from what u said....

no way i'm gonna let me kids have a extravagantly good life since young. its not fair. they deserve, they NEED to feel despair and worthless and unwanted and NOT get everything they want. they can crave for many things.

Er...wow? Hahaha. But you're right though..=)

PS MY apologies i have no idea what i was talkin about anyway..

chairme said...

Tuesdays with Morrie is a good book.

sharman said...

carol: was it really that long winded that u got lost? hahahaa...i knew it was long, since it took me awhile to type, but didnt know it turned out confusing! hahahaha...at least i made SOME sense??? hehehehe

wow u yoda's disciple ar? (is that spelt correctly?) hehehe...cool proverb tho!

charime: fuyohhhh u still got yr account...but i still prefer 5ppl! hahahaha

kakakakaka!!! shanz. said...

maybe. :P :P :P

Carol said...

haha! yeah. i get lost easily. and as always. Yoda's disciple? hmm..maybe, then again, maybe not...*grins*

sharman said...

carol: oooo...YOU get lost easily laaa...sorry for the long post den hehehe...

and choose whether u are, or not yoda's disciple laaa...dont make it even more confusing den it already is...

shanz: so wat u looking forward to ar?? laughing so much...hahaha

Dilah said...

ooo...der some truths in yer sayings mister.

I DO NOT want my kids to be lil brats who gets all she/he wants.

at the same time i DO NOT want she/he to grow up stealing either.

In any case, being a parent is hard.

ouh btw, im kinda surprised you mentioned good sex. haha! sharman? is that you??

why good? go for great larh. lolx..

sharman said...

dilah: you think i'd be celibate after marriage ke??? hahahaha

we'll start with good, n move to great hahahahaha

(glad u understood my kids theory ;D )

Dilah said...


im just re-reading all the comments here, and noticed some underlying connotations btwn urs and shant's comments. hahahah...

correct me if im wrong. lolx.

sharman said...

nothing to correct. u stand correctly. hehehehe