Monday, April 16, 2007


that word, was once my favourite. i'd go around saying to my cuz in a serious tone, "look at the rufflings of the leaves, its all mechanical".

same goes with the curtains, table cloth, brances, strips of clothes, etc etc and i'd say they're 'mechanical'. no idea why, but it was just in THAT moment. and i said it a lot.

annoyed quite a bit that time.

anyways, its been so rainy the past week. it rains everyday.

heavily too.

makes me feel so lazy and tired and bored and 'oh-goshhh'. i just wanna sleep. all the time.

oh, and useless too.
(but can that actually be debated? i ain't productive in my most active day...)

its just been lazy-fied days. a wave of blarghhh

which reminds me, *laughs* last time when i was younger me and me cuzs would re-enact/create wrestling matches, without game consoles. so we were the wrestlers, and the bed the wrestling ring.

we'd create fake wrestles from the top of our minds, with special finishing moves.

my wrestler was named Wuekkk (as in bluekkk), said with tongue action, and his finishing move?

Wuekkk Bomb.

So creative huh?



Dilah said...


me cuzs and i pretended to be power rangers fighting against the monster. and then sumhow or rather, i ll end up dying. what a useless power ranger. =x

Caroline said...

HAHA niceeeeeeeeeee. I dun remember anything however apart frm telling lots of ghost stories etc with my cousins..=)

cheryl said...

enjoy everything you can while you can...


AdrenaLynn said...

Hey i used to do the same thing too..the wrestling thing.. but I'll be the only girl. Then there'll be times when we pretend to be 'spiderman & his amazing friends". I dunno if you noe that cartoon... and I'll be Firestar..hahah

sharman said...

dilah: hahahaha power ranger not suppose to die laaaa...they only can be replaced! apa la...u all making them unpowerful only lol...

caroline: yea that too...but those stories nowadays not scary redi if said again hahahaha

cheryl: enjoying as much as possible ;D

adrenalynn: hahaha yea you'll be like sash, the only girl last time hahahaa...

i know that cartoon, by name but i never followed :P