Saturday, April 14, 2007


in these times of modernization, i prefered to believe such things were not heard of, such things well written, maybe even documented, but still i prefered to think it never occured.

or at least anymore.

so we may not all be smart, but morals, dont we all have? a little bit?

racial discrimination. well maybe not to that extent, maybe just racial double standards. why even bother???

hard to stomach such a thought, being who i am.

c'mon, why do people even 'practice' it? its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...

shallow minded?

ketinggalan zaman?

not human i think.

pathetic i guess, but we're born exclusively different, never the same from the one beside us. the stigma lays deep. stamped by who, i do not know. maybe it was your upbringing, maybe you just chose to be, you choose who you wish to be, don't you?

dare they speak so blatantly. who am i to say anything, maybe even i have my own issues, but no harm giving things a try? MAYBE i said.

i wish you could realize the happiness i encounter, but your walls too fortified perhaps?

you probably wouldnt understand anyways. the stick in you too comfortable. no amount of joy could loosen it.

so i ain't smart, but morals i accomodate, thank you.


AdrenaLynn said...

Eh what's goin on here? Can not write so 'cheem' can or not...hahaa.

What is 'IT?" I think you definitely not refferin to the clown rite?

sharman said...

simply la read sumthing i dont like...

errr isnt it obvious whats 'it'???