Saturday, September 19, 2009

Tin Can Hide & Seek

past few days I've been thinking back old memories.

there was a game we used to play as kids, something very similar with hide & seek, but it had an extra "feature", which was a tin can filled with a few stones, then slightly disfigured (read as: crushed) so that the stones don't fall out. this when shaken, makes a loud noise.

we used to have a huge lawn back then. of course, we were kids and the lawn looked really big when you've got small footsteps.

games goes like this. everyone would gather at a point. now, one person will be elected to throw the tin of stones as far as he could, and the seeker would have to run as fast as he can and grab the tin can then bring it back to the original point.

while the seeker chases to catch the tin can, everyone else runs and finds a place to hide.

the tin can placed back at the station, the seeker then seeks. or if he/she is able to spot someone, he calls out their name and shakes the tin can so everyone can hear someone has been caught.

however, if a person hiding is able to run back to the station and shake the tin can before the seeker gets to the tin can himself, then the hider is safe.

basically, the tin can is either a death call (if the seeker shakes it), or your lifeline (if shaken by the hider). usually, the seeker would play cheat by just staying around the tin can and trying to spot the hiders from the station without going out and seeking.

but if you're a runner, that's definitely an advantage.

i was just thinking, no way kids will be able to play this anymore. we could never find an area so big to hide and seek. unless of course you throw the tin can down the apartments, but i think the seeker will pancit by the time he arrives back to the station.

maybe in future we'll get hide and seek virtual games? kite simulator?

what dodgy games you used to play back then? care to share?

sometimes a tug of the leash,
and you're obedient once again.


Moja Amin™ said...




Dilah said...

when i was younger in my estate, i used to mingle with the neighbourhood kids and buat kawan cam tak tau malu.

We would play police and thief barefooted where we would go around the void decks, (sometimes even going up the higher floors of HDB) running away from the police, and trying to rescue our captured friends in the 'prison'.

there's also a game i forgot what it's called. two teams play against the other. 2 pairs of slippers would be needed. one ball is the weapon. ball is thrown at opponent to 'freeze' them (i think) while the team members try to rescue by tapping their body once, or, once the same team members manage to get to the 2 slippers and build a pyramid out of it, game's over and 1 point is scored for the team.

Awesome childhood i had, i think =) screw barbies.

TKDaddict said...

hmmm that sound like archie slipper or least thats what we used to call it...

sharman said...

moja: I KNOW! am so tempted to goooo... OMGGGGGGGGGG CAN GO INSANE ONE TAU!!!! contemplatiing mcm org gileeeeeee

dilah: lahhh dulu kecik mmg laaa innocent. kalau tau malu, sure one boring kid that would be!

hehehe gila complex your game. got points all, competitive seh! hehehe... wahhhh u also lego person? me lovessss lego. i wanna go to the lego museum kat US of A!!!

tkd: hmmm sounds a lil different from chopping though. i mean their slippers not used for chopping ppl.

and sounds farrrr less painful too.

MOJA said...

JOM laaaa!

I might be going! Hehehehe!
since she invited me ages ago.

(i know, i know. So scandalous kan? Dont tell paparazzi okay?)


sharman said...

berani kau malign her like that?!! i will kill u!!!

hahahaha seriously u going ke??? ticket tak lah murah sangat... haizzz my schedule tak tau lagi laaaa

TKDaddict said...

i didnt meant use the slipper for chopping ppl...haha...we used tennis ball for that...the slipper was how u won the game basically...if u can set the pyramid up before u get hit...
btw...ur hse compound still seems pretty big in my head...haha..maybe that part of me never grew up :P

Moja Amin™ said...

sharman, a rm 100 tix will do just fine lah. Where got money for vip tix. hahaha!

seriuslah i'm going. I wanna check out gals do the single ladies dance some more! :D