Thursday, September 03, 2009


started full flight simulator (ffs) few hours ago. full motion and graphics and real controls. it was crazy.

sitting on the pilot not flying side initially, meaning my role was to monitor, communicate and do other stuff that does not require me to handle the controls, made me go dizzy a bit. it wasn't that feeling of nauseous, but felt like i was going cross-eyed, without the eyes going crossed. maybe my vestibular system was confused with the motion?

flying this aircraft for the first time, was really crazy. the controls were different from the conventional airplanes we used to fly in flying school. there was no normal/alternate/direct law back then.

please excuse the technicalities. but these laws, i'm speaking of, is basically protections for flying so that we don't unintentionally get into an unwanted situation. nothing to do with the ISA.

as wonderful as it may sound, it takes time to understand and accustomed to.

the aircraft is so technologically advanced, that its supposed to make flying easy peasy on normal days. but of course, that requires getting used to. which obviously i'm not.

coming for approach the first time, i could not maintain centreline (basically making snakes in the sky), and almost landed out of the runway, into the mud. so go-around, and return for another approach.

again could not get it right properly, but managed to make a safe and pretty ok landing considering its like the first ever landing on the airbus for me. but then braking was so bad. i could not brake evenly.

got quite the lecture for it. (reminded me of the DA42 days. had a hard time getting used to that cockpit.) thought to myself, and it must be the seating adjustments, feet position, something along those lines weren't correct again.

round 3. again snaking, but not as ridiculous as the first two attempts. managed to land centerline, and braking was wayyyy better, smooth and no jerking. however, it was an under-performed session. the reason could be due to the new aircraft, nevertheless outcome was not good.

" i wanna, i wanna, i wanna touch you,
You wanna touch me too,
Every way and when they set me free,
Just put your hands on me. "

the sidestick (what the steering-wheel is to a car) must be an AllAmericanRejects fan, cause it kept singing that to me.

lesson learnt from today's flight?

don't over control. need to stop putting my hands on the sidestick so much. just let the fingers do the job. amazingly, two fingers is all you need to fly this airbus gracefully. need to remind myself, to think the sidestick is a pile of shit.

you don't want to be touching shit much do you?!


y. 源 said...

into ffs already? damn fast seh..haha..two mths more until endorsement?

TKDaddict said...

u tani-ed and went isit thats why making snakes in the sky...heheheh

sharman said...

y: should be around 2mnths to go. depends, sometimes the ffs skill test have to wait for instructor to be available.. two of my batchmates started line ready... A LOT to study man, aircraft AND procedures!

tkd: hahaha i wish. but i havent had a drink for many days ready k... i ain't no alco :P

y. 源 said...

really really fast sia..haha..yeah..memang alot of stuffs to learn..even the manuals i received for 737 are killing me..

sharman said...

don't worry, when u start also will be hectic :)

omg the emergency/abnormal procedures, not cx list, but as in company procedures, are another thing to know. crazy man.

y. 源 said...

Exactly!! :) dunno bout ak, but one step wrong here might land us in big sh*t..

sharman said...

i guess anywhere also same. anyways, will need to know all that for line fyi. haizzz will go bonkers man @.@

y. 源 said... are not alone..

sharman said...

u jump, i jump? lol... so random...

savante said...

We all have to start out somewhere :)

sharman said...

savante: agree. but starting isn't easy... sigh...