Friday, September 04, 2009

A Little Less Gratifying

you can be trained with the most professional and skilled teachers in the world.

you can be the angel in front of your parents.

the example student in the thoughts of your tutors.

the chosen one around school.

and people around you can be so proud of you. your achievements, of being able to pass on knowledge to you, or being direct contact to a one of a kind amazing soul.

they'll brag about you. they'll tell everyone you were the best, of the bests. no one can compare to you. they'll defend you through their skin till their bones if someone maligns you. if they could, they'll give you a gold plate for it.

but the truth remains, no matter how well you shape a mould, the mould can take on another figure, or get damage if not looked after with eagle eyes. sometimes, its even hypocritical to see the mould from the front, and then from the back. definitely a coin with two faces.

people can change.

i'm just saying, when you're not what you were turned out to be, then what? it won't always be like playing in your backyard.


Moja Amin™ said...

Sharman, do you know that "Yellow Herbie" guy is back with a brand new blog? I found the blog, but I totally forgot to bookmark it! silly me.

If you jumpa that blog, do tell me, okay!

sharman said...

NOO!!! i did not know. i only know he had that kelantanese blog. damnnnnn... k will let you know if i find out, please do likewise. thx!

Moja Amin™ said...

guess what. After spending a whole day (exaggeration much) looking for the blog, I finally found it. Hahaha! Dont forget to bookmark it!

Now, mr pilot. Give me a ticket to Rome.

sharman said...

hahaha pandai la u exagerate.. yea saw the link on your blog, spend my afternoon reading all his posts :P ... and bookmarked already!

sorry, my company don't fly there :P pergi rembau nak?

Moja Amin™ said...

Me too! I love his journey and stories!

Rembau? Hahaha!

sharman said...

yeaaa he's a good blogger. sadly he can't include his professional experience anymore. bummer!