Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Explosion & Expulsion

kanye west dissing taylor swift at her moment of glory shouldn't be taken so badly.

see it from this point, nobody likes to lose. in the entertainment industry, i guess award shows are true symbolism of your success. the more you win, the more awards, the more recognition, the more success, no? even if you don't agree, i will assume you have agreed.

anyway, what i'm trying to get at is, people don't like to lose. (who does anyway?) smiles and congratulatory words from the loser make them human, not wishing to show their real disappointment and disgust to the world. its not their party, hence they can't cry if they want to, cry if they want to.

again, getting long-winded here. my point is, after kanye west dissed taylor swift, all the other artists ended up voicing out as one (somewhat) and together-gether dissed kanye west saying he's a real piece of shit, like stepping on a kitten, etc etc.

so united.

shouldn't we at least thank kanye west just a little? he deserves some gratitude for attempting world peace. at a time of deep-shit failure and fake happiness, he managed to bring everyone together to look past that, and rejoice in hating him altogether. additionally, the artists should also thank him, for saving them from sinning, with all the lying that would have happen instead.

if you disagree, i might not bother to argue, because i'm just a little exhausted from no reason what and hence this crap i've just blogged. anyway, like i said before, i assume you agree :)

plus, what kanye west said wasn't wrong. he just be speaking the truth, don't be dissing him for speaking no lies. beyonce the bomb!


moja swift said...

hahaha! ironic no?
What kanye did is soo....stoopid. hahaha

now everyone has turn their back at him. I Love what kelly clarkson wrote on her blog.

beyonce rules.

sharman said...

ironic that he brought everyone together? he REALLY deserves a thank you. seriously :D

but kanye is annoying like that la. i find him overbearing. whats kelly's blog add?


btw, apasal tukar nama jadi swift pulak? or is this not moja amin?

Moja Spears said...

hahaha.. this IS moja amin lah sharman. I'm all for team taylor. so, changed my name to "swift". hahahaha!

i read kelly's on perez. you can find it anywhere scattered around the net! pheww!


but i prefer britney lah, daripada beyonce. She's hotter.

sharman said...

oooo hahaha didn't get the swift part. i actually thought of suzuki swift initially, till i was watching her performance on youtube. hehehe sorry, tak cukup tidur.

ooo ok will check it out.

NO WAY MAN! are you blind? beyonce's sooooo much hotter. so so so so so much. *fantasizes*

Moja Spears said...



I bet you should check your eyesight, Mr Pilot! HAHAHA! Britney id definitely HOTTER. :P

ahahaha! fantasizing? well, a man can dream, no?! hahaha :)))

sharman said...


beyonce man, BEYONCE!!! yes yes... i can dream. and one day, she's gonna need a private pilot... ROARRRR!!!

Moja Amin™ said...

and that private pilot is going to be me!
I'll make her FLYYYYY!

sharman said...

oi serabai betul. can't u be britney's pilot?!!! beyonce's mine. u take britney. deal.

Dilah said...

i think that even if kanye was trying to tell the truth, the way he does it was not the correct way and not to mention, disrespectful. Just because taylor is a newcoming artiste, he should just give her the chance because that's what it is : artistes are always given the chance to win something from their hard work. it's recognition. discrediting her and slamming her down on national tv was immature and so low-class.

but, much respect to beyonce because she understands that importance (of firsts) and gave way to swift again to complete her speech. now THAT, is what a true diva is.

sharman said...

yeaaa kanye west was totally wrong. he probably felt he could stomp on her, she being 16/19(?) and a country singer.

he was plain ass bully. that fella i think got something wrong during his growing up la. very short circuit up there. or maybe the after effects of the car crash @.@

YESSSSSS beyonce was just soooo gracious. she is beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, amazing, (and the list can go on) AND NOW nice too. proven so somemore! your matchmaking can sampai beyonce tak? *dreams*