Saturday, September 12, 2009


today at the academy my friend and i ended up having a conversation with two indonesian captains who were also in the midst of their type rating training. as usual, the conversation led to "which flying school were you from?". then one of them asked,

he: so what multi engine aircraft did your school have?

me: we flew the diamond-42. but they also had the seneca.

he: seneca?

me: yup. piper seneca.

he: PA??? (aircraft model code)

me: PA34.

he: ohhh. i used to fly that aircraft back when i was in flying school in 1977. but then yours must be the new generation...

me: NOPE *gleams* the old one. way back from the 70s too!

just saying, after more than 30years, still guna yang sama *ahem ahem*


the arrival of nephew number 3 was sudden and nice timing, perhaps too. guess he knows i won't see him around as much as the other two so he decided to pop out when i was back allowing me to welcome him home :)

the boy's got some bruce lee sideburns going on. but more prominent, he's got damn long fingers and feet. that's why, for this blog's name game, i'm gonna nickname him thin-thin-long-long, or TTLL for short. think he'll be less of a tornado without me at home so much during his growing up phase :P

on a random note, with the arrival of nephew number 3, friends talking about marriage, managing the bills, restricted lepak times, and just the other day the gang was talking about how being 22 isn't as fun as saying you're 21 (its more of a blatant statement, then a hurray one)...

can't help but feel a little old.

- a little overboard, i know :P -

+ an old highschool friend just called to invite me to his wedding. whatthehell.


TKDaddict said...

starting to feel old huh ?? :)
attended any of ur frens weddings yet?

sharman said...

havent attended yet, but one of em got married, just havent done the reception and all yet.

another thing, when siting around, lepaking, then others discussing about wedding plans, kinda weird laaaa...