Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Foxtrot Will Never Agree

she's hot.

but why, are you snogging that short guy?!



Moja Amin™ said...

aiyo dude.
dont laa kebas all good looking women. spare some for me lah. you take beyonce, i'll take her, britney, megan fox, gisele, etc.


sharman said...

wahhhhh damn *sarcasm* "fair" right you?

tell you what, i'll take beyonce and her. you can take the rest. that's a deal!

F said...

a big NOTTT!!!
for you uncle Shamu..

Dilah said... matchmaking tak jadi pe?

sharman said...

F: hahaha... missed u F! hope jakarta was fun.

Dilah: unfortunately, nobody wants me :( sighhh... u need to promote lagi byk. WAHAHAHA

Dilah said...

hahaha...bnyk masa????

Tharish said...

I'm sorry. 'Short Guy'??

Are you referring to Ed Westwick? You better not.. *shows menacing face*

sharman said...

dilah: errrr... when you're free la... kurangkan masa dgn bf boleh kan? :P

tharish: you're an ed westwick fan? but no, am not referring to him. meant the show actually. have you watched s3e1? you'll understand then.