Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dunk The Junk

has anyone of you checked your junk mail before?

side note, after one email that changed the rest of my life went into my junk email previously, i make it a habit to check the contents to confirm they are junk. don't want a deja vu of that event. hence the reason i check my junk mails, if you're even wondering why i bother.

its disturbing to find an overdose mails about penis enlargement pills and viagra. is that such a huge issue? ok gosh, no pun intended.

i don't know about you, but its pretty frightening to see such an amount of advertisements. is the market so viable? are there sooooo many unhappy men? or men unhappy with their boys? hmmm...

then there is the countless UK lottery mails i get, saying i won millions. IF ONLY IT WERE TRUE. a lil extra cash never hurts ya know!


i hate when songs get stuck in my head.

like today, cascada's "evacuate the dancefloor".

it kept replaying over and over. the same sentence, cause my brain can't remember the whole song. its annoying cause it affects my flow pattern.

but that doesn't mean i hate the song hahaha


speaking of songs, i think i have a pretty good ear for good stuff. don't know if you guys noticed, but lady gaga's wave actually took some time before it became a phenomenon. hitz tv was already playing "just dance" way before it hit the radio airways in our region.

i got hooked on it then.

bout a week later i went clubbing with my sis, and they played "just dance" but very techno-remixed, which screwed the song, but the lyrics are just too catchy to forget. so sat in the club, bouncing my head to the lyrics. sis went, "you know this song?", in a very wth kinda way, coz it sounded damn feng tau.

probably a month later, people started noticing "just dance". and i started switching radio channels everytime i heard her song, coz i was sick of it already.

utter random post, don't you agree?


y. 源 said...

P-p-p-poker face, p-p-poker face


sharman said...

hahaha n like u said, daughtry's version damn cun man. couldn't believe he'd do a cover!

Sash said...

eh, the junk mail thing i kena tau... apparently i got the invite to sit for the USM aptitude test thing...but i only found out wayyy after that...coz it was in junk. ish.


sharman said...

OMG! thats so shitty. dunno how u got over it, i wouldnt. definitely! coz its soooo outta yr control... omgggggg