Thursday, August 06, 2009


think i woke up wrong side of the bed when these two situations occurred. no other explanation for my annoyance i can find :P

@fast food joint 1 (famous for chicken)

local customer: can i have a hot drink instead?

cashier: yes, sure. coffee or tea?

local customer: tea.

cashier: ok.

local customer: tea tarik?

cashier: errr no. just normally tea, you add sugar and creamer yourself.

i never knew america had teh tarik, oh wait, i mean tea tarik. the slang won't help cover your 100% asian looks, and 100% asian knowledge!

@fast food joint 2 (famous for floats)

caucasian customer: ... i'll have that and ice lemon tea.

cashier: no, sir. cannot change drink. you must take ala carte then.

caucasian customer: (totally oblivious to what she says) yes, i'll have ice lemon tea.

cashier: so no set, sir. one ala carte "something" and ice lemon tea?

caucasian customer: no, i want the set. but i don't want the float, get me an ice lemon tea.

(this goes on for another 2minutes with the slowest two-way understanding conversation. then remember there are not one, but two caucasians, and the other guy follows suit and has the same do-or-die situation, so the cycle replayed again. THEN the cashier says, no ice lemon tea, peach tea, okay? it felt forever to my turn.)

caucasian customer: *tries to joke* no flies with that.

hmmm. ha ha?

cashier then goes: ok sir, total is RM xx.xx. burger nanti kita akan hantar.

aduhhhh pompuan, prasan tak kustemer tuh orang puteh. kau ni apasal nak berbahasa? nak bm pun, beli lah dia orang dewan bahasa & pustaka dulu. belas kasihan lah dengan si ngok-ngok kat depan kau tuh, ngok.

-sometimes i get ideas. then i forget them. shit-


Dilah said...

HAHHAHA. eh u know how awkward it is for me to order from fast food joints there? i speak english most times so, biler order, sikit punyer liat mulut ni nak order.

TKDaddict said...

lol...i like the second one..funny...

sharman said...

dilah: hahahaha tapi tak lah sampai pronounce TEA tarik right? i mean sometimes tersasur with the slang tak pe la... just don't make such obvious mistakes hehehee...

belajar sampai sastera melayu, still liat mulut?

tkd: at that time, it felt annoying and i couldn't tahan... damn long hv to wait k.. sometimes my patience runs low :P