Friday, August 14, 2009

You Must Be Outta Your Mind

ever had the experience of being disappointed by things out of your control?

like if you had a pet, and you thought it to cook pancakes or identify the countries on a map or something spectacular like that, bragged about it to your friends, but when they come over, your pet just stares at you with blank eyes hinting "i'm just a pet", and your friends declare you a weirdo henceforth?

or even present with a proud parent who shows off their child who just spoke his/her first word, yet when the parents prompts the kid to do so, the kid just blinks his/her eyes or runs away? and you'd stand with self-contained laughter watching the helpless parent, then force yourself to say some comforting words?

or something more personal. ever had a spoiled item? which after days of not working, you decide, its time to see the doctor and get it fixed. but when you reach the store and the hands of God checks it, its working fine. damnit!


i had the last experience recently. with the car radio. i was driving back from kl to jb the other day, and just before getting on the highway, the radio goes out. damnit! no radio! but i already had plans with the cds and what song to singalong!

its ok. i was still in happy mode driving back down even without the radio working. next day, radio still malfunctioned, i bring it to the workshop. and ta dah! its working now.

so the worker thinks i'm hallucinating. i tell him, it could be the wiring, please check it. he goes, "no la. radio problem. need to change". i'm telling you its the wiring, coz the radio's on, but there's just no audio. realizing its not going anywhere, i said nevermind, maybe the radio miraculously repaired itself. and so it worked fine the next few days.

the day i'm heading back to kl, just before i hit the highway, audio goes "kerk kerk... *silence*".

bless the creation of mp3 handphones, though.


today, someone asked me, what does the " A/L " in my name mean. "anak lelaki", or "son of" in english, i said.

reminded me couple years back, while announcing results, this particular educator announced my name,

"sharman al-rabendharen ..."

arabic suddenly. yo habibi!


the other day, someone called my friend's bro, "habibi". he actually googled it out.


TKDaddict said...

lol...reminded when we were in fren won a competition...the trophy engraved his name as baveen A/1 Sanjiva....i told him it does work out..technically u are ur dads anak pertama... :P

sharman said...

LOL at least it made sense. so even if he proudly displayed it, it wont be salah hahaha..

actually, i dont like that in my name... so intrusive? annoying.

Tharish said...

ROFL @ The 'al' part. But our names do get confusing in the western world. Ive gotten used to ppl thinking my dad's name as my surname, but the event that takes the cake is the V in front of my dad's name is used as my 'middle name' in my american visa!

sharman said...

hahaha yeahhhh im sure foreigners would be thinking "why the hell is yr dad's name there?!". different societies.

didn't know you had a middle name! hehehe... that is funny though, given a middle name that's wrong :D

Dilah said...

you never fail to entertain me =)

sharman said...

dilah: as you do me, too! so we don't owe each other :P