Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Think, Enjoy A Little Bit More

we tend to jump into things abruptly, without much thinking. from petty little things, to huge steps of giant leaps. that's human nature, not?

i obviously cannot act guilt-free of this.

the thing is, as much advices and warnings we get, sometimes we just itch to do something we know obscurely about. we hope what we've been advised and warned about, would not be true. adventurous, and sometimes wanting to prove them wrong.

sometimes, i just want to feel it for myself. i feel, people give negative input, cause maybe it has really good reapings, and they wanna keep it for themselves.

reality check, as prone as we are to give out advices to someone else about something we know is seriously damage-bound, i sometimes just hate being the receiving end. the other person handing out the advice, would just seem naggy, and know-it-all. and the more i wanna defer them.

i perceive in life, we just gotta taste it for ourselves. get shot in the bum, burnt on the hand, and broken in confidence. observers would end up lamenting, "i told you so". yet, we need to experience it for ourselves. we can't always be taking their words 100%. and so what if they were right, to err is human, don't you agree? and from damages, we bounce back with avengence!

as much as i'd like to disagree with someone, maybe this time i shall hold back my words from sounding like a wet blanket. i shall progress instead, and allow things to happen, away from the norm. i shall be the ab.

and honestly, how sure am i of the outcome. conclusions are just perceptions and thoughts chronicled in my head by my skeptical mind. life is not a maths question, with a definite formula.

in the words of highschool-ers, "cuba, try, test" is the way to go.


savante said...

Great blog! LOVE IT!

sharman said...

lol... errr thanks i guess!

Dilah said...

exactement. (exactly)

there're just some things in life we gotta experience to know what's it all about. =)

Anonymous said...

sounds familiar..hehe. Its nature, u get banged coz they were banged and waiting for u to bang others. But ur not that kind, downgrading ur pride into their shoes.

sharman said...

dilah: ditto! never know till we find out ourselves. everyone has their own preferences.

btw, hope everything is much better now ;)

anonymous: identify pls? :)

hahaha "banged"? thats a bit of an obscure word to use :P hehehe... but yea wat u said made sense

hahaha and how u know im not that kind?

Dilah said...

things are going to get better, i hope.

thank sharm =)

sharman said...

of coz they will ;)

Anonymous said...

i know a lot about u neo. coz i am morpheus.
Cut the crap. R u gonna put up the graduation fotos in ur blog?
Btw 'bang'ing each other had been a norm frm the place u've been living for 20 months. Pity it was one sided.