Saturday, August 08, 2009

Wish I Could Scratch

down with an itchy throat, and instead of sucking on the strepsil's i bought, i'm chowing down on marshmellow. who created this stuff anyways?

empty calories. pfffftttt. for now, i don't care.

marshmellows ---> :D


Dilah said...

STREPSILS dont work !! at least for me.

u shld try this chinese brand called 'nim jom' or sumting like that lah. i am not sure if they got sell in msia. but its real good and a sore throat goes away pretty fast within a day. They come in packets with a weird apek face on it.


sharman said...

i do agree that strepsils arent that effective. tried the ni jom pi pa kao, but not really liking the taste hahahha... thats why i prefer strepsils, edible :P

anyways, not really that severe, will keep in mind yr advice for next time tho!