Sunday, August 09, 2009

Broken Barrier

i met someone the other night. a person i knew from the schooling days, but not personally. human contact was minimal, the basic hi and bye, occasional one or two questions exchanged a month if need be, or else none, even though we met at least once a week for nearly 6 years.

that's a lot of meetings come to think about it. but i wasn't the social elite, nor did bother to be one growing up. hence the no communication.

after many years, we found ourselves at a common place.

back those days, both of us would never bother exchanging words. the other night, it was different. i found myself starting out with petty conversation, you know the type where you say stuff just because you have not met in years, and act interested. i felt obliged, courtesy's sake.

then the awkward happened. i found myself having a normal conversation, albeit i must admit certain topics went ways i had not planned. kinda basically stepped on his foot, and downgraded his other half, unintentionally.

if i only knew.

the thing is, when we talked, it seemed like we actually were friends, instead of mere acquaintances which was the truth. i found myself amused at the situation. does maturity break down barriers? or was there a reason to hop over the wall?

i shall not think further. the important thing is, i'm happy with where i am, and who i am now. life makes surprising twists. accept it, then maybe you'll see the point.


TKDaddict said...

you know i think it does break down barriers...that and over time ppl change i figure..ppl u didnt use to get along with in school or thought they were slightly annoying...later on turn out to be someone u can actually hang out with and have good fun with (albeit not all of them :P )...more ppl tend to break out of their shells when they grow up too, makes it easier to talk to them..

savante said...

We do change as we get older. Barriers fall. And we do get more sociable as well :)

sharman said...

tkd: i agree with u. many people i never knew i could have a conversation with previously, i can now. its weird. then there are those who i could have a conversation with, change into people i cant anymore. other way around.

but back to the former type of people, makes u wonder how come back then you couldn't hold a topic with them since they've become so close now. ironic very much.

and side note, you know i know, we both know someone whos become even harder to talk to now, then those days :P

savante: not everyone. but why do barriers fall?

come to think about it, when we're young (and less sociable i guess), we've got our parents as guardians.

once grown up, we bring down the barriers. allowing us to be more open to the dangerous dog-eat-dog world out there.

isn't that like committing suicide? welcoming others into our fragile lil world?

oh shit. we've only got ourselves to blame.

TKDaddict said...

hahaha...that one we both know...the person didnt evolve lah...regressed more like it...hahahaha

sharman said...


no medication for that? :P

TKDaddict said...

sadly miraculous cure like that exist

sharman said...

SADLY, indeed! hahaha