Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sleepless In My Room

If electricity comes from electrons, does morality come from morons?

Do you get much of those nights when you need to sleep but just can't? Your mind's too active and keeps wandering. Your mind send signals to the other parts of your body:

SHUT DOWN option could not be found!

So I've been having sleeping problems the past 2 or was it 3 days now? Yea anywayz, I coudn't get to sleep, and as I lay with the unrested mind, tossing the blanket off and picking it up from the floor, I TRIED to fall asleep. Then an irritating thought comes to mind, one that just stems itself right smack in your mind and never leaves.

Back a few months ago, that thought would be physics formulas and maths graphs. Seriously, when I went to bed and shut my eyes, my mind would automatically recite all those formulas and graphs. Then I'd get nervous, wondering if those formulas and graphs were correct. It'd take probably 2 hours of those irritating thoughts to finally get me some rest!

Now, its happening again. With numbers instead. Since I'm dealing with account numbers and cheque amounts, as soon as I shut my eyes, numbers just flow left & right! Gosh, dunno who's account number would be playing in my head!

And due to this lack of sleep, I got a lil warning from the person in charge there(really dont know her pangkat la!). As soon as I walked to the computer on Friday she said, "Sharman, did you check your report? A lot of errors yesterday!...."

WHOOPSSS!!! Its not like I intentionally did it. It was the first time though, so I guess its quite ok since I've been working for like 3 weeks now *reassuring myself hehehe*. And luckily it was just the both of us. Once, she said it to one of the other guys in front of everyone in the packed office! Waaaaahhh sure lose face! Hahaha, but I guess we should learn from mistakes eh?

Hmmm its pretty late and I'm still awake. Guess its gonna be one of those nights AGAIN!

-wish you were here-


Anonymous said...

hmm...who needs sleeping pills now?..

sharman said...

hahahaha at least my sleep deprivation doesnt cost need to study on ther hand! ;D

Caroline said...

OMIGOSH..i also have the same sleeping problems as you....i always end up sleeping at 3-4am in the morning and waking up at 9am the next day...i look awful...ahaha..

sharman said...

hahahaha at least u can wake up at SUPPOSED to wake up at 9 but cant wake up!!! hahahaha... but yeaaa look awful tho..pimples all popping out hahahaha!

caroline said...

wah.....pimples....hope u aren't like my friends who complain of eruptions occuring on their faces when the 'volcanoes' burst..haha..=)..

sharman said...

hmmm i've never thought of it as that before...

but i just hate pimples la who doesnt kan?

Anonymous said...

sleep deprivation causes pimples ke? fuih..baru tau...hahaha

cheryl said...

u drink coffee eh?

when u start thinking n thinking, and when u reliase that, you tell ur mind sleep..

den try stop thinking and keeps telling ur mind...sleep...sleep...try to relax ur mind...n keep telling urslef to sleep..

it works for me..

guess we r the same homo that can't stop thinking

my friend told me, why u make ur life s misersble thinking so much ar?

come to think of it, its kinda true..ahaha

sharman said...

"anonymous": yes. at least for me irritating/pathetic!

cheryl: my mind doesn't take orders la. say "shut up" and "go to sleep" also wont work hahahaha...damn irritating...guess i dont have much control of my brains! i need to tame it!

or maybe its a creature of its own! hahahaha...

oh yea, i dont drink coffee btw.

but most times, thinking isnt a bad thing wat...keeps us healthily active...except when its late at night and when u need sleep, then thinking is irritatin!