Thursday, January 04, 2007

Feeling The Arrogance

As I pass by the watch shop, I see a first-former getting himself a new watch. He has already drenched the uniform.

Through the windows of the bus I sit in, I see more uniformed students crossing traffic lights, and waiting at bus-stops.

I see loadz of students through my journey to work. HAH! A new never-ending-feeling school term has begun!

FINALLY I'm done with school... *sniggers*

I took the bus extra early today for no apparent reason and had an extra half an hour before work started today, so I went around CS for awhile. As I got out of the elevator, this chinese girl, probably around my age, stops walking, wide-eyed and stunned, smiles and tell her close by friend, "Hey! That guy!", in mandrin.

Honestly, I have REALLY no idea who she was. I just returned her smile and wandered off, STILL thinking who the hell she is! Most-Probable Conclusion: She mistook me for my 2nd bro. WHY? Coz people just tend to do so. Don't ask anymore why's, I have no idea too.

Moving along, something about 'work'. Although it is NECESSARY/a MUST to write "only" or "sahaja" after wording the sum of your cheque, as in "RM One hundred and ten only", I find it an ABSOLUTELY friggin' arrogant statement if it goes something like this:

"RM Nine hundred sixty five thousand only".

Wow. We know you got loadz of money, no need to show off! You just exhale arrogance. Putting the "only" there just makes you sound like " that's just a small amount, I've got much more stashed away. Noticed I wrote 'only'? "

Or at least to me la. Considering the fact I dont believe I will ever write a cheque that big OR even have that much in my savings!

-Less than 200 pages left of Harry Potter. He's still waiting for me on my bed!-


cheryl said...

u know why must write "only"?

Caroline said...

hahaha........u remind me of my friends, when they got their SPM results....11A1 only.....hahaha.....

sharman said...

cheryl: i think must write 'only' so that people dont add more numbers and make it a cheque with a bigger amount, get it? i think like that la...

caroline: oh ya got THOSE people also!!! can they actually say 'ONLY'??? so greedy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caroline said...

are u one of them perhaps? hahahaha....=P

sharman said...

NO I'M NOT! i APPRECIATE my results...all of em! im not greedy XP XP XP