Thursday, January 04, 2007

Its Here, Its 2007!

So now I come to you,
With open arms... 2007?

Well I really don't know if I'm anticipating much from 2007. The last time I anticipated a year, 2006 to be precised, it didn't turn out too well. So this year, no anticipations, no resolutions. Whatever will be, will be.

It came with a good begining. Seriously it did. The countdown wasn't really much of a countdown, but the minutes, or hours I think, that came afterwards was gewd hehe. Went out with my sibs instead of my friends this year, maybe a change will do good?

The songs playing over the megawatt speakers weren't THAT great, but I guess the company were of the opposite. First time I believe we've spent a New Year celebration together. It was awesome celebrating together, even though it was pretty hard walking a straight line by the time morning aroused. Luckily for me, the tiles on the floor provided a good guideline of my directions! :-)

So I may, contradictory, be sitting assuming a hopeful good year.

Its a new year, a new begining. It won't be absolutely smooth I'm sure, but I'm keeping myself readily opened for a much smoother ride. I'm sure many of you do hope too, don't you?

So, may all of you out there, embrace the new year with a better prespective on life? I'm sure I want too. Let's try not screw anything up now!


Cheers everyone!


Caroline said...

Er....there WILL be one bit of 2007 which i will absolutely hate...which is when we get our STPM results...blek.........i so don't want them...i dun mind the exams...i mind taking the results..=(

AdrenaLynn said...

..hahah... Drunk Sharman..hahaha!!!!

sharman said...

caroline: i know what u mean, but lets just forget that such a day exist...i believe theres only 364 days this year! hahaha


Caroline said...


thanusha said...

good...beginning...good...ending... urm, doesn't make sense 2me though...s my endings usually goes down d drain...:'(... neways... wish u luck 4ur results...

sharman said...

well i dont really know whether its true or not, but believin in it makes me somehow feel better :D

good luck in yr studies too...

btw, thanks a lot for dropping by...didnt expect u to find this place ;D