Friday, January 12, 2007

Mistaking People

I walked up those few steps towards the entrance as this malay dude walks out of it. We are the only ones there at the moment.

He looks at me from afar, and as I pass him, he mumbles "pan pacific". ASSUMING he was asking where Pan Pacific Hotel was, I pointed to my left dumbstruck. Pan Pacific Hotel was just THERE. You'd have to be illiterate not to have been able to notice it!

Then he just continues staring at me. And I, stupidly stand there staring at him as well.

Finally he says, "You adik Calvin kan?", with a little melancholic wear in his eyes.

"Yes", I replied with a raised eyebrow.

Then he shuts up again. Feeling it'd be rude to walk away, I still stood there waiting for more words.

"Dah lama?", he asks.

I shot him a raised eyebrow. I was waiting for him to asks where's my bro now, where's he's working, or if he's still working in NY Hotel. The usual shyt I get when I bump into one of his REALLY old ex-classmates.

"Uhhh... dah berapa lama eh?", he asks with a sadden tone.

"Dah lama apa?", I asked curiously STILL with the raised eyebrow, and a lil smile across my face.

"Errrr...dia dah meninggal kan?"

"APA?!", still with the raised eyebrow and smile, wondering if I heard him correctly.

"Calvin dah meninggal kan?"


"Budak lain semua kata Calvin dah ... betul ke?"

"OTAK ENGKAU LA!", I interjected at such an absurd proclaimation.

"Ye la, dia orang yang kata. Aku sama batch dengan (someone people's name and I just nodded to whatever he said). Aku dulu main hoki"

Hmmm okkkk.....

"Buat apa sekarang? DJ (my school) macam mana? Sport?", he questions...

"Baru habis form6. Sekarang kerja ar. DJ ok la. Sport dah tak laku sangat ar"

Next is when I started to wonder if he was on crack or something...

"Ohhh. You sport macam mana? You dulu lari kan?", he says with a smirk.

"GILA EH? Aku manalah ada lari."

"Jangan tipu ar... aku ingat la you dulu lari".

"Engkau salah orang la...", I replied, quite stunned at his lack of memory. SERIOUSLY. Me, running? HAHAHAHA. I was laughing internally like mad!

Out of the blue he says, "Eh betul eh Calvin tak..."

"BETUL LA! Ishkk...kawan you merepek la!", I interrupted.

Somehow I managed to get myself out of that conversation and headed up to the office.

Then after work, I see another guy talking to a lady while fagging, and as I pass him he makes some weird noise. So I look up at him, and he looked liked he was saying something to me. I walked up to him.

"Calvin kan?"

"NO. I'm his younger bro la!", irritated with this annoyingly common question from blind fools.

The usual, he kirims his salam to my bro. Ishkkk, jadi postmaster pulak!

LIFE is a Long Irritatingly F*cked-up Experience.


Beatrice said...

Whoahaha~~ Calvin!!!
Weirdos r evrywhr....
whr u working at?
Btw,is tat malay guy hansum?? haha..... u tinkin wat im tinkin? =p

sharman said...

im working at menara ansar...typing in data...u? wats u been up to???

hmmm the malay guy ok la, not as handsome as me XP XP XP...tall tho! *hint hint*

YES I KNOW what u were thinkin abt :P ...where theres a malay guy, theres bea*****

AdrenaLynn said...

Oh gosh.. I dunno what I should ssay to that..hmm Poor Calvin?? Eh sharman..but then ah..the way u pecut at Dolce on New Year...can really believe..u 'lari' hehehe..

sharman said...

i got lari meh??? where???

sharman said...

i mean when...and which part of dolce???

Dilah said...

mistaking people. i've been mistaken for another few times too. some claimed that i've got a twin or pelanduk due serupe living arnd the same area as me.

Surprisingly enuf i've never met her.


AdrenaLynn said...

Aiyah..when we went out the back door..and then found you missing..then somehow or ended up at the front of the place..near the pool thingy.. or were you too drunk to remember..hahahah

sharman said...

dilah: hahaha maybe they saw YOU! hahahaha...,maybe u were sleep walking! hahahaha...but if thats not the case, then it sure sounds freaky!

adrenalynn: ya i rememba that, but i dint run wat. after that just sat beside u maaa