Friday, January 19, 2007

Letter Through A Blog

Dear Dilah,

How are you? Its been so long since I've heard from you. What have you been up to? And how's drummer boy? By the way, do you still miss me?

Yes I know you do.

But sorry I can't reciprocate that same sense of feeling towards you though. I still obstinately think we should remain as mutual friends. Sorry.

Anyways, I started working at a company clearing cheques bout 4 weeks ago. Basically we just sit in front of the computer and type account numbers and amount deposited. Work starts at 2pm, and ends around 6 something. Its not bad, cause I'm only needed to use one hand to type. Pay is good though.

I've also just started a second job at my uncle's request at his law firm. I've been here for a week now. I come around 9/10am and knock off at 1pm, and then head to town for my other job. SOMETIMES I would have to do typing, but mostly I do nothing. Lately, I've been effectively using time at the office to surf the net and update my blog. Other than that, I speak into the telephone receivers, and answer the door to receive some junk mail from the mail man. But most importantly, I have to make coffee or milo depending on the mood. For my empty stomach of course.

As such, I think you may have realized how much time I spend in front of the computer these days. So, I'm getting sick at the sight of computers day by day, or I'm just to tired to log on to the computer at home. That's why you rarely/don't ever see me online nowadays. Please excuse my online absence. I would come on messenger, but the computer at my uncle's office has a REALLY outdated windows messenger which can not be used anymore. I would download a new one, but I'd take too long since we're on dial-up services at the office.

I think that should be all. Please do reply me soon. Think I need to make a cuppa drink, my tummy's rumbling. So take care and be good at school. Finish your homework.

Yours faithfully (I've been typing those 2 words a lot recently),


*laughs* Dilah jangan marah ok? Gurau shj!

The first day I started work at this law office, I spoiled the printer. It was old anyways. So 3 days ago we bought a new one.

I installed the programs and fitted the new Canon printer nicely.

I typed ABDCEF in Word and tried to print. Unsuccesful. Some pop-up window popped saying it could not print and sumething something. Wow. Didn't bother to read the whole message. Lazy laaa.

So I tried to print again.

Unsuccesful again.

And again.

And again.

Finally I decide to call the Canon service centre and they ask me to do this & that and ask me to print again. Still unsuccessful. Dumbfounded, they decide to send a technician over later.

As I hang up, I try to print again, and that window pops up again.

THEN I realized it was saying "...HP Printer could not print..."



It was trying to print using the old, unplugged, I-crashed-the-HP Printer! Aiyaiyai...

So I went to Control Settings and changed the settings and finally it could print.

Less than 5 minutes had gone, and I called Canon Service Centre and told them the problem was solved.

They didn't ask why or what was wrong. And I didn't say anything to them either.

Pathetic huh?

I know...


AdrenaLynn said...
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AdrenaLynn said...

Firstly, what the heck did you do to e HP Printer???

Secondly, *smack sharman on head* that's for being so selenger!! Next time read first ok!!

Thirdly, reason why the call cebtre ppl didn't say anything else to you is they prolly figured you were being a "USER" and promptly after hanging up...they'll be bitching and laughing about the idiot with the printing "problem"!
Very the Standard Operating Procedure one...I should noe...haha!!

cheryl said...


sharman said...

who deleted that comment?!

adrenalynn: nothing la, the paper got jammed...den we pulled it out the toner rosak...TATS ALL!

XP XP XP (to all the rest of your comment)

cheryl: XP XP XP

AdrenaLynn said...

I deleted that comment lah. Forgot to include my third question/explanation hehe!!

Eh wait toner rosak the why change printer?? change toner only mahh??

sharman said...

coz unc brought his old comp from home to the now got 2 comps there... but the old comp is VERY old so can only support old printers...SO the hp printer going to the old comp, then the current comp got no printer, hence buy new printer lor... unc intended to buy new one anywayz, i just made his decision materialize quicker haha

Anonymous said...

hope the printer is the only thing u spoilt!!
dont make uncle bankrupt by breaking n spoiling all the things in the office k...

sharman said...

heyyy dont la make sound so teruk...

ive learnt to use his fax redi...

his photo copier last week i jammed it BUT it didnt spoil k XP now i know how to use was the machine fault anywayz... XP XP XP

Dilah said...


sharman said...

*waves a wand around Dilah and says some gibberish from Harry Potter*

there now, you've been un-stunned! ;D

sharman said...

*waves a wand around Dilah and says some gibberish from Harry Potter*

there now, you've been un-stunned! ;D

Dilah said...

*even more petrified*


Dilah said...

ouh btw, i so loves the letter thingy. must remember to write summore =) lolx.

sharman said...

hehehehe glad u liked it!