Saturday, September 30, 2006

Its Another Friday ;D

" I.Want.You.To.Come.Be.With.Me
I'm.Here.When.Will.You.Make.Your.Move "

-Come To Me- P.Diddy & Nicole szhcvasgcate...or something like that! hahaha...absolutely like this song very much. A MUST HERE! But not a must see video clip, Nicole looks hot as usual but P.Diddy is just well, P.Diddy. He REALLY can't dance. He is THAT bad that he makes Nicole look as bad as a dancer as him!

*Nicole= lead singer from PCD

Yesterday I went to Season's Cafe with Shanz, and ate "lunch". Then one of the malay waiter passed by our table and stared at us and our "meal". Bloody hell, so rude!!! C'mon, what kinda ethics this fella got? Staring at people for what? NOT looking down at waiters, but hey you WAIT on customers, NOT STARE AT THEM!

Then later on it occured to me, MAYBE that fella thought I was muslim. CORRECTION, maybe that fella thought WE were muslims. Thus, eating in public was us setting a bad example for the rest?

Honestly, I don't have a friggin' problem with puasa month. I just find it irritating that I(or maybe us) don't get the benefit of the doubt! My friends don't mind me eating, why should you right? Am I wrong?

" Innocent until proven guilty! "
(hahaha so 'lawyer-like')

MAYBE I should paste a signboard on my forehead stating I'm chindian to abolish all suspicion. Maybe I should scream my religion before I entered the restaurant?

hahahaha but Shanz, did you realize that no one bothered about us when we entered the cafe? Nobody did the "Seasons!" hahahaha....

Anywayz, those who are puasa-ing, please do puasa and do good. Don't simply swear. For the following month thats coming at least. HAPPY PUASA-ing! Oh, and EVERYONE, enjoy the buka puasa bazaar's, food is nice!

For our sch magazine page, my class is doing cartoon characters. (will post my pic up when I'm free-er ;D )

(B is doing Betty Boop. Kok we're sabotaging and turning him into Stitch from Lilo & Stitch)

B: Should we write our name or change it like the cartoon name?
ME: I think cartoon name better. Like yours Betty Boop kan? Jadi Beatrice Boop la!
B: Beatrice Boobs! Hahahaha...Then Kok how?


-She Makes The Hairs On The Back Of My Neck Stand Up-


Carol said...

Hahaha...very interesting blog, esp the 'lunch' part..=) And the comment..=P..sorry i jz noticed that u changed to blogspot...everyone seems to be changing to blogspot..what are the benefits, i wonder...

sharman said...

hey thx for reading! n the compliment too!

well blogspot looks better...dont really know whats it better at...but the HTML codes are A BIT confusing...BUT frensta blog got limit...dunno how many gig so after so time blogging its gonna reach limit and u cant continue...tats y i changed actually...

thx for coming again!

AdrenaLynn said...

"those who are puasa-ing, please do puasa and do good. Don't simply swear"

*Clears Throat" OIii....I damn F@#$ing Bloody Terasa You Know :p

Anyways,dunno if its just me but ppl over there in JB likes to stare...for many reasons

sharman said...

*ahemz* was so bloody sengaja wanted to make u feel terasa :P hahahaahah

yea they actually do like to stare...but i guess its just the good looks....


hehe said...

selamat hari raya puasa

Jinn_Low said...

Really dirty yet Funny... Kesian the people who got named after cartoon characters la...

sharman said...

selamat hari raya...sumting sumtin setahun sekali... hehehehehe

ok wat cartoon characters...imagine being called pikachu or Thing or daffy!

or pinky and the bra? hahahahaa

shanz said...

pinky n the bra?

u stooopit! >P

got no such cartoon k..

ps: Thing wud b nice hahahahaha

sharman said...

ohh dun hv ar? then we create la! hahahahahaha

ps: why dont u change yr name to Thing la...maybe u'll like it even more...