Tuesday, September 19, 2006

So What's In It?

*am totally addicted to Panic! At The Disco- I Write Sins Not Tragedy
Honestly, I thought they were Fall Out Boy at first. Sounds the same. And their music genre also kinda same. Maybe it IS the same. And their song titles are just as long as Fall Out Boys'. hmmm, clones?

I've got pretty weird stuff in my pencil case. Its RED btw! hahaha...
I DON'T like black pens. I use blue pens most of the time. I have TWO rulers, coz i ALWAYS loose them. I've always had this problems with rulers. I used to ask mom to buy like almost every week when I was young, then kena la marah! hahahaha...so nowadays I always keep a spare.

Anywayz, whats so weird about it? Well, I've exactly four 50cent coins, a name tag that says "AJK 5 ZEST", a box of mentos power gum (works wonders to keep you awake during tuition), and a bottle of Eye Mo...yes Eye Mo! hahahahaha...and today Jac added one piece of Wother's Original. Don't know when I'll have it though hehehehe...


Chemistry is getting dirty...or at least my mind!

Last week we learnt about latex. Well, I'm sure you know whats made from latex...

*hint hint Durex*

Then today, we learnt about silicon. LUBRICANT to be more precised.

...well my mind wandered off pretty far off...and Lemon didnt help the situation either. She just HAD to say it to me...

Its kinda interesting learning stuff that correlates every week huh? LOL!


Beat*rice* said...

yeah yeah~~Sucky topic!! i got pinched my fion again..... tat's how our conversation went: *2 get a blue-black pinch*
Teacher:Wat else is made from rubber?
Fion: ****.....
Me:Love? (make love)
*Fion pinches*
Fion:Wat la U!!! GLOVE!!!!
*Sob sob*

sharman said...

hehehehe no wonder u got so many pinches hahahahaha

maybe fion finds u very nice to pinch la! hahahahaha