Saturday, September 23, 2006

Stay The Same, NOT!

Kart was telling me about meeting up with someone she once knew, and how they'd change. And now my opinion prolongs...

Don't you wish sometimes people don't change? Like they would stay the same. When you first knew them. When you made many good memories. When everything was nice. What you missed now.

So I used to have a really good friend back in the blue pants days. We were really closed. We used to hangout and help each other a lot. We understood each other. Maybe it was the childish innocence and the lack of animosity, or maybe it was just the plain built-in ignorance, but nothing came between us. I was proud to say he was my friend. Gosh, we wanted to go study till dunno when together la! We were good friends, I knew, he should know, many did as well.

But as time passed, so does the days of our lives (hahahahaha), we moved on to secondary sch life. We went diffrent ways, and soon lost contact. Many MANY years have gone by. I know I've changed. I can't still be that 9 y'old kid ranting for new Hot Wheels! but...


Anywayz, as I was saying, I know I've changed. For better or for worse? I do not know. But I've changed a lot. More prasan? Selfish? Or just plain vain? (of coz taller! that I KNOW!)
And I know he's changed too. He isn't the same. He can't be. Or else there'd be something seriously wrong with him. I don't know what he's been doing, whether he remembers me, or even what kind of person he's like? Will I still wanna be friends with him? Coz he's changed. No doubt about that.

Well, I've got his number through a friend of his. Not sure if its fake, but think can be trusted right? Contemplating on whether to give him a ringer or not. I mean I'm excited to get in touch with someone I knew so long ago, but kinda forgotten in the recent years.

What if he's not interested in kenaling back? What if the meeting becomes a disappointment instead? What if it makes me regret meeting him again? What if it shatters the good memories? Will I have anyting to hold back on then? (besides Shanz that is...I'll grab on to her TIGHT!)

You know what I mean?

No harm trying. But hey, shit happens!

- We're all someone's lost childhood...or at least part of it -


bintang said...

so cute!
call him wei,
and tell me how it goes.

:D said...

y must think so much? jus go ahead n contact him la..see how it goes.
n WHY wud u regret meeting him?..
memories will still b memories la..whether or not your 'kenaling back' goes well..

me! said...

oh btw, tats was me tadi.
my ':D' selalu keluar as ':d' haizz..cacat.

sharman said...

bintang: hey thx for reading...hahaha was wondering who u were at first...didnt expect u to come havent called tho! lol

me!: will contact la...SOON!

ps...ME likes me!

me la said...

*LAUGHS* sounds so retarded! XD

sharman said...

ME likes me la!

as in the person with the name 'me la' and not me la!

Anonymous said...

u is bad person

sharman said...

really meh?

i think im really REALLY really good... :P