Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Right Now

I could do without the flu,
I could do without the fever,
I could do without the drowsiness,
Oh I wished I had nothing to do with em'!

Its making me feel horrible,
Its making me sick,
Its making me very hungry,
Oh its making me hate it even more!

Its taking so long,
And I'm not getting any better,
I don't want it no more,
I only want you right now!

*hahahaha so lame...but I DO feel awful la...this stupid many days, yet its not rubbing off! arghhhhhh!!!


XD said...

poor thing..
ps: turn it into a song la

shanz said...

the previous comment was from me u know..hahaha

sharman said...

hmmm well i DIDNT know...till now...thx for informing!

well i COULD turn it into a song...but no one will wanna sing it! lol

same person said...

YOU sing it la!! its YOUR luahan perasaan wat!

sharman said...

me sing???


gosh...euuuwwwwwww BADDD!!!!