Monday, September 25, 2006

The Man In Black

*ponders* I only know one Sharman. I've met many Sherman's but not another Sharman. So MAYBE its unfortunate that I don't get to meet another Sharman, but I guess its good coz if one day you receive an sms saying "Hey, Sharman here!...", MOST PROBABLY you'll remember me I guess! Do you know any other Sharman's? (NOT shaman's!)

Anywayz, as I was driving back just now in Taman Pelangi around 2am, there was this man leaning against his black wira. As I approached his bearings, he started waving at me. No, he started flagging at me like how you'd flag a cab!

WEIRD considerations:
1. ITS BLOODY TAMAN PELANGI! Its not some isolated place. IF he needed help, he could have just gone across to the mamak shop right? YES ACROSS THE STREET! If he don't want them, got many other KTV lounges beside it.

2. All other cars were parked on the one side of the road. ONLY HIS car was on the other side!

3. The public phone was like ten steps away. Oh btw, he had a hp in his hand.

4. His car looked perfectly fine. I mean there wasn't any superficial damage that is.

5. IF he really needed help, he would have shouted "TOLONG!!!" or chased my car or do something like that right? But nooooo he just tried to flag me down, then when terlepas him, he just buat tak tau...mungkin he ushering me to parking space kot?

BUT no way was I gonna stop for him anyhow. Why? Coz he didnt look like the person who'd need help. I mean one of those ruffians with the black tight shirts and the 'bling bling' from 1970, who doesn't know his age. He definitely would have his kakikai's coming around soon.

SO WTF WAS HE TRYING TO DO? I will never know...

Whatever the case, JB ain't safe. No point helping someone coz there's a high chance they're faking it, waiting to pounce on your valuables! Be safe everyone!

- I just want to look you in the eyes...all day long...I wish I could... -


shanz said...

OMG so bahaya..
u la! go out so late for wat..

sharman said...

hehehehe not ALWAYS i go out so late la...i go out to play futsal la! :P