Monday, September 25, 2006

Tough Imagination

So I've sms-ed my long lost friend, Din. I'm still thrilled that we've got back in touch (hahaha so many times I've said this). Its nice to know someone who's known you that long.

BUT I am bugged.

Everytime we sms, I still imagine sms-ing that same old guy in primary sch. THAT guy in the blue shirt and red tie with the unchanged features. I mean how am I suppose to know what he looks like now right? THAT's bugging me.

ITS ABSOLUTELY WEIRD thinking he still looks the same. The same 4+ feet guy with same looks, UN-grown up and still smiling like he used to, then putting the face with the stuff he told me. Like WADAHELL? It really doesn't make sense. Its like picturing a midget or a stunted guy, which I'm VERY sure he's not.

So what DOES he look like? Spiked hair? Glasses? Is he taller or shorter than me? Is he still happily smiling or has he become more gloomy? WHAT can I imagine?

I always think that I didnt look MUCH different than last time. Probably just stretched vertically a tad too much but that's it. THEN when I uploaded the pri sch pic, thats when i realized the change. NO PIMPLES! ARGHHHHHH..missed those days! And I look totally different too.

Like about a month ago I met up with another close friend from pri sch. I met him when we we're in form3 again but then last month he totally look different. I don't know why but I always think I'll see their SAME pri sch face.

Then I wonder what Ivan The Terrible(ITT) and Nigel The Brat(NTB) will look like a decade down the drain. I DON'T want them to change. They look much better now! But hey, they've changed so much in the last few months and I never realized...


u'll never guess! said...

suruh dia mms gambar. then ull know how he looks like. nonid to susah2 imagine..

as for the two lil BABIIIIIIIIEEEEESSSSSSSSS, u can..umm..'jerukkan' theyll stay the same.


sharman said...

my mms tak boleh guna la...stupid hp...dunno wat bloody wrong wt it...

hhahahaha jeruk with wat ar? so far they kena jeruk by disney channel n cartoon network only..hahahaha