Sunday, July 12, 2009

Serving The Smiling Customer

i was at this particular service office to replace an item which had become faulty.

it was a week day, nearing end of office hour. the waiting room was empty except for a lady and me. there was only one worker visible behind the desk, and she was trying her best to alleviate the problem of this man, who i later found out was accompanied by the lady in the waiting room. their "discussion" went on for quite some time.

it had been nearly 20mins before my number was called, and realized that there was more than one worker behind the desk. the man and the other worker still had not been able to settle the problem, which they found out was entirely the company's fault from the very begining.

i couldn't help but laugh at how the worker tried her best to reason with the man. all this in mandrin, so i guess they didn't know what i was laughing about. my case was a lot more simpler, so i had loadz of spare time to listen on their audible conversation. didn't help that the counters were just beside each other.

after another 10mins went by, finally they managed to settle the man's problem. then 2 ladies walked in sounding chirpy.

worker 1: they so excited.

worker 2: well i'm not excited.

one of the ladies came to the counter and enquired,

lady: what's your promotion?

worker 1: no promotion.

lady: how about discount?

worker 1: no discount.

lady: then what's so good about your company?

me: can start with the complaints :)

a bit too loud cause the workers heard it and started laughing. well i paid lotsa attention to the previous drama to pick it all up!


y. 源 said...

situational awareness,dude! ;p

sharman said...

lol forgot about tat... integrated wt my life redi! hahahaha... good reason, shall remember it!