Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Got The Blue

finally licence has been processed. so i went down to the office in damansara to get it. (managed to navigate myself there somehow, though i did get lost, but just a little bit. big achievement since i know hoots about kl roads)

as i was heading to the office, i passed several workers in that building. culture cultivated, i smiled and greeted them with "good morning".

only to be stared down like a downright illegal immigrant waiting to be ferried back to my country. some plainly ignored my existence, and walked passed arrogantly. got me thinking, what was i doing wrong? why were they treating me like the black sheep?

then i realized, it just wasn't their culture.

i have noticed that somethings i write here are misunderstood. i try to write in a very general way. no one should be full of themselves to think that i am writing about them. please don't perceive unnecessary thoughts. if there's anything to go by with this page, acknowledge only if you are clearly stated.
besides, only i am legal to be full of myself here. thank you :D


y. 源 said...


that's a very familiar word.. :P

sharman said...

from one of those courses u attended i presume?? :)

y. 源 said...

Mainly in CRM course..attended all sorts of briefing, dun think I gonna remember anything after 5 months! *sigh*

sharman said...

well u might not remember the flying part, but maybe you'll be a more loyal employee of yr company... wt all the briefings hehehe... understand how u feel... cool down, all will be good!