Saturday, July 11, 2009

It Was Heart Stopping

to put it lightly, when IvanTheTerrible suddenly tells me while sitting in the hall watching tv,

"uncle sharman, i saw your girlfriend".

me: "huh?"

"yes i saw your girlfriend. and she was with the man. and he was looking at her. i saw your girlfriend, uncle sharman".

i was shocked. absolutely wtf moment. first of all, who was the girlfriend that i've yet to meet. when did i introduce her to him? and secondly, why was she with another man? downright humiliating. bad light for me.

curiously i asked, "what you mean, ivan?"

he replies, "i saw your girlfriend. on the tv, with the man on the bed. she was dancing."

-.-'' then only i realized that he had just seen beyonce's "halo" videoclip. my nephew knows me too well. the obsession :P while watching the BET awards, he said the same thing when beyonce came on. i thought him too much, i think lol

and he wasn't all that wrong anyway. beyonce's mine. but she's in bed with jay-z unfortunately.

keep dreaming!


F said...

uncle sharman..uncle sharman...citelaaa...!
ivan, so funny..
later he found out your gf fightinh with another lady.HOW?!

sharman said...

lol u lupa pulak... ur the storyteller!

hahahaha my gf fightin wt another lady tak pe, kinda hot :P as long she dont turn lesbian, i'm happy :D

TKDaddict said...

OMG....why u teaching him all these lies wei

sharman said...

atta: hahahaha nothing wrong wat... who knows one day it may come true ;) WAHAHAHA

TKDaddict said...

u having one of ur pilot celeb in cockpit dreams again??? :P

sharman said...

be more precised, beyonce u mean XD

Dilah said...

Kids DO say the FUNNIEST things ever.

sharman said...

sometimes scary too.