Thursday, July 23, 2009

Being Managed

been busy with the MFTD sessions past few days. learning new stuff, and the wonders about the aircraft's computation systems.

for all to know, auto-pilot is exactly just push-the-button and fly. you need to know which buttons to turn, which to pull, which to push. learning the basics of the auto-pilot isn't as direct as i'd expected. it did get me a lil confused, but i'm sure all will be understood in due time.

so many functions to know, with so little time. BUTbutBUT it is awesome.

sessions were also extra enjoyable since it was with a really pleasant captain. he says he's more familiar with london, compared to kuala lumpur. send him to museums and parks in london, and the tube's no problem for him. but send him to kl, and he'll get lost.

that's how much time he's spent in london. wow.

we got in a little conversation about dangerous goods today. and he said,

"we learn about dga (dangerous goods awareness), but the most dangerous of them all, are those in the tight hot red skirts!"

then during breakfast at the cafe, he remarked about a pretty crowd in front of us,

"see here. now, these are all the dangerous goods i was talking about".

"hahaha yes, sir!"

"ok stop looking at them, sharman. they're too wild for you".

hmmmm that's a first.

"but sir, sometimes its alright to be in managed mode", i quipped.


when life gives you lemon, you make lemonade.

but i want durians. yellow, aromatic, suckullent durians. heh, get what you want.


TKDaddict said...

your captains rite sharman...too wild for u... send em my way k...i tame em for u then send them back...rofl!!!

sharman said...

no thx atta... keep your latex gloves to yrself... in the words of the beatles, "all we need is love" :D

that will solve all problems ;)