Sunday, July 26, 2009


if you haven't heard already, yasmin ahmad the film maker has passed away.

i think she deserves much appreciation for what she has done to us malaysians, no wait, to everyone that has watched her art. she has made those ignorant, or tried her level best, see what she sees.

truly, she saw no barrier between one from another.

but most of all, her guts were downright admirable. she dared to do the impossible in our restricted-minded society. she faced the worst, even though she spoke the truth.

sometimes you wonder, is honesty really the best policy looking back on her feedbacks. where does all those so-called moral values you learnt back in highschool fall to? you wonder even more, if pre-historic people ever went to school.

she was the only film maker in malaysia that i thought worth watching. besides her flair for honesty, her movies were also thought provoking. artistic, yet really interesting.

i would never have imagined myself enjoying a malaysian movie when i was young.

she changed that perception forever.

-i will not-


AdrenaLynn said...

A Huge Loss To The Industry... her fils were honest and sincere...controversial to some but with her works she brought ppl together, regardless of race.

A Truly talented Individual. Too Bad we will not be able to look forward to more of her films

Dilah said...

i dragged db along to watch Mukhsin in the cinema was the first time i watched a film by her and indeed, it was thought provoking...

maybe until someone else like her comes along into the film industry?? but i doubt it..

sharman said...

adrenalynn: very true. the worst thing is she never got the recognition she deserved. she wasn't known in malaysia alone, i think she did ads for sg ministry for home too, rite? that's unusual for a malaysian.

dilah: did you catch sepet and gubra? there is a lil linking between those movies and mukhsin. i want to watch talentime! sigh...

yes i doubt too. her works very one of a kind.

Dilah said...

unfortunately i didnt watch sepet and gubra! i heard that there was some controversial scene of an old couple bathing each other?! is it??

sharman said...

bathing each other, hmmm cant remember... tho i think that one was from rabun if im not wrong... go watch it!