Tuesday, July 07, 2009


my mind is.

been awhile since the last post. bit busy, plus without a connection as of yet at the rumah bujang (bak kata mak cik sekuriti).

past week has been filled with MFTD (maintenance & flight training device) sessions. an MFTD is similar to a simulator, but without the motion, or any graphic that shows movement. its a touch screen mock cockpit to put it simple.
these sessions were just like a welcome to the airbus family, i feel. familiarizion with the cockpit layout, cause different aircrafts have different cockpits, you don't want your hands hanging in the air searching for switches like doing the hokey-pokey. it was kinda cool, computarization and all. getting used to setting things up.

the last day, we entered the real simulator. THE cockpit was awesome. the thrust levers were just ass-kicking! awe-struck in there.

these sessions were just introduction, many to go. much experience to come.

reminder to self: working in a multi crew cockpit is rather different. need to get used to task sharing. need to get used to teamwork. loadz to work on that. enough of screwing up, sharman.


some pics on my laptop from 2 years ago, left abandon and forgotten. found em, and i thought of sharing. remember, they're a lil bigger and bugger now.

IvanTheTerrible supposedly as karate kid, hence the "bandana". which actually was the cloth used to tie the curtain.

NigelBiscuitBoy is crazy over tiger biscuit. seriously. the other day while shopping for groceries, he sat in the trolley. my sis placed a pack of tiger biscuit in the trolley, and he gushed:

"i lurrrrrrve tiger biscuit"

charming. advertorial material.


my mind is boggled a little. do i really keep things to myself? *wonders* or maybe i'm just being a lil paranoid as usual.


Anonymous said...

Kinda miss the forum discussion...


sharman said...

lol yea me too.. sorry.. been messed up lately..

TKDaddict said...

tiger biscuits eh...u should take nigel to india...gosh the tiger biscuits there are sweeeet...and cheap too...i ate so much there...dont even wanna look at a packet of tiger biscuits anymore..

sharman said...

tkd: india will be heaven for him! hahaha he loves it sooooo much. don't think he'll ever tire of it... dunno how he can eat so much... i also get sick of it :P

Dilah said...

i like the tiger biscuits too! but only the choc one...

sharman said...

i prefer the original though... like to dip it with hot milo hahaha...