Monday, December 08, 2008

Transporter 3

it used to be Milla Jovovich. now someone else keeps staring at me. with those sultry pair of eyes. ruffled hair. pouting lips.

i'd like a Penelope Cruz pleaseeee???

we were at city square few hours ago. since it was still early, we decided to watch Transporter 3. i don't think i watched part 2, and i assumed correctly that part 2 had no connections whatsoever with part 3. so that was good.

i remember watching part 1, all because of shu qi. the porn star. but that was many years ago.

anyways, the movie was good. its an action flick, so don't expect much of a storyline.

what means preoccupied?

something interesting happen though. IvanTheTerrible and NigelTheBrat joined in. they were good at the movies actually. i expected them to be complaining or making noise or crying like usual brats in cinemas, but surprisingly they behaved. NTB however fell asleep probably 30mins through the show.

ITT enjoyed the movie. he didn't make noise. not until the end of the movie.

when jason statham's name appeared signalling the end, while ushers rushed to open the exit doors, ITT shrieked:


then the crying began.


Kristie said...

poor ivan was waiting for transformers the whole movie, no wonder so quiet? poor boy!

sharman said...

lol yaaaa... he was watching the movie so intently, waiting for transformers hahaha... kids... pity pity

TKDaddict said...

rofl....thats dammm cute amma wants to have a farewell for ash the xmas weekend...u on hol or not? if yes come down k...i'll update u on further details as i get it :)

sharman said...

hahaha yea its cute...other times he gets annoying lol

hmmm i should be on leave that weekend... keep me posted... is it surprise party ke? how come he didnt say?

TKDaddict said...

no not mum just only told us about it day before yest