Saturday, December 27, 2008


the rain pit-pats on my fake wooden walls. its chilly even with the fan switched off. the bed looks so cozy and tempting for an early night.

2 great parties happening at this instant. neither one in kb. well this wouldn't be kb if there were happening parties. if it did, then kb would be the new penang which is the new kl. now that would be shocking.

while everyone i know is busy getting warm and cozy with mr. jack, or getting low on the dance floor, i have much to prepare for tomorrow. a briefing that will be useful only in a very long time from now. a relatively early night i shall have compared to my counterparts who i'm sure are in awe and flabbergasted with self over-the-topness. or those just plainly curious as cats. that's family right?

prioritize what i want. what i need. sacrifices aren't easy to make. they sometimes feel like salt to wound. piercing.

well at least i've got my pills to accompany me. and antibiotics too. swell ain't it?


Dilah said...

pills and anties?? Are u sick? btw, an advance happy new year to you!

sharman said...

lol yea i was sick hehehe... happy new year 2 u 2!

TKDaddict said...

hey at least we cared enough to update u riteeeee :P

sharman said...

yes tat was very thoughtful... but it still felt like i was left out :P

TKDaddict said...

its k and subi chechi made sure we drank on ur behalf too... we each had 2 glasses in front of us at all evil arent i..hehhehehehe