Friday, December 05, 2008

Since My Mom Decided To Go To Europe...

1) the fridge decided to defrost items we wanted frosted. its been sent to the repairman thankfully.

2) the lightbulbs and starters in the hall decided to malfunction, leaving us in darkness. luckily i've had many experiences changing it in the hostel in kb where voltage archings were common.

3) today the pipe in the toilet decided to come loose and burst out with gushing water. blank with no clue what to do, i turned off the main pipe supply outside. then there was the problem of air bubbles in the pipeline

i'm watching jimmy kimmel live, some repeated episode. he says:

there is a new show on mtv, Paris Hilton's New Best Friend. so there are 16 girls and one confused guy competing to be her new best friend...
she'll sing to me:
" ... but you're just a boy... you don't understand... "

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