Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I Don't Get Lucky

with the girls.

however, i unfortunately attract the very elder generation who equal my grandmother's age. i was at a mamak shop having dinner, then headed to the sink to wash my hands. i had to pass this really old mak cik to get to it. and she didn't seem like harm. sitting there with her probable husband of half a century on the opposite end, with a table clear of orders.

as i passed her, she stopped me with a wave and said,

she: adik nak pergi mana?

me: ermmm... basuh tangan.

she: duduk kat mana?

me: ermmm sana (while randomly points to the road)

i hurried away quickly. why am i so lucky? she had teeth as many fingers i have O.o

" which is worst,
not getting everything you wished for,
or getting it but realizing it's not enough? "
- OneTreeHill -


Dilah said...

hehehehhehe....cebah! *weewiiiittt* ;)))

sharman said...

yea what an accomplishment. lol

Dazed Bushbeater said...

don't tell me you're a big fan of one tree hill?!!

sharman said...

not big fan la... dulu zmn sek menengah tengok jugak... just watch for fun... missed a few seasons, then that time they gave us leave coz of weather i watched 1st episode of season 5 on 8tv and it was kinda ok la... coz story starting all over again... eh u not busy ah? lets say, like wt x'mas shopping?!

Dazed Bushbeater said...

im a big fan you know!

no la not busy at least for today heheh

sharman said...

hahaha ic ic.. no wonder the excitement...

for today la... after this sure buzy partying hard!