Friday, December 26, 2008

Lost & Found Bitter Pills

its been chilly for quite some time. the locals say, "the monsoon's not over, till kelantan floods". till now, i've only heard of terengganu flooding this year. so i guess we're expecting a second downfall soon.

more bad weather.

the hide and seek rain hasn't helped. came down with fever last week but have recovered since. due to the flying schedule, i made myself see the doctor so the fever wouldn't annoy my life long. i came back with a bunch of pills.

pills and i do not have a good history. when i was younger, i couldn't take the taste of medicine. the slightest taste of the bitter pill would see me puking gallons. worst of all are those pills that are easily dilutable. they intoxicate your entire mouth at the minimal-est contact with water. YUCK!

as such my predicament that till now i situate the pill as near as possible to my throat and quickly gulp it down with water. i can never comprehend how some can guzzle few pills down at once, or leave it in their mouth while finishing a sentence. i think i'd be laying over the sink for hours. but thank God for pharmacist who have invented tasteless pills. pills don't taste as awful now, as they did few years back.

this is with the exception of the stomachache pills. they taste as horrible as before. i took them few days ago and they started to dilute so fast. i almost started puking. it brought back baddd memories of bitter pills. even those bad memories made me feel like puking *urghhh*

i'm horrible with pills.

there is a lil form pasted in the laundry room titled LOST/FOUND, to inform people of lost or found clothings, coz sometimes buckets get mixed during the washing wait.
it goes something like:
date. name. found a renoma underwear. white colour. please collect from ...
believe this or not, someone actually lost a whole bucket full of clothes, ALONG WITH the blue bucket. that's so pitiful. i don't think he lost it by accident though, maybe someone dengki him? how can you loose an entire bucket?
maybe somebody wanted his g-strings??? hmmm...


Dilah said...

ouh, i had a bad childhood experience with pills too. my mom actually CRUSH panadols and DEMAND i stuff them down my throat. HORRIBLE! @@

sharman said...

euwwww tat sounds horrible... tat must've brought out all the flavours of panadols didnt it? i think i feel the vomit churning out alredy...