Saturday, December 06, 2008

Follow Me

not the brand, but an instruction to my blog. so tak malu heh?

hahaha... well, just realized someone is following my blog. thank you very much, don't know how i got your attention, but appreciate it very much since this blog has been rather small.

though i'm not very sure who you are. i think you're sy, but there's no blogs under your control, so that confused me. then again, there's the mas tie-clip and gold bars. but then again, industry says "internet"? hmmm...

y, please identify yourself. say POB, endurance, registration please. maintain following level. call again when establish chronicles.

thanks for the add again. i am unbelieveably honoured. i'd just add people on my "addictive list" to say i follow their blog. but i think this new widget makes life a lil more simpler, though its gonna take me time to get used to it.

it was an unwelcomed re-acquaintance the other day. maybe that's what he specializes in? though i'm not spiritual enough to be attending other ceremonies. i'd just sit and blink.
the entire time i resonated:
... i hate this part right here ...
circumstances, situations, fate never fail to surprise me with questions.


Nashe^ said...

Yeah you know, I hate blog lurkers, too.

y. 源 said...

Endurance 0700
Callsign: sy!!!! lar..who else summore with that kinda pic?

sharman said...

nashe: hahaha maybe they'll grow on us eventually??

sy: lol confused mah. nama letak "y". and chinese character. manalah aku tau baca?

anyways, endurance never go down ah? or still grounded?

y. 源 said...

Haha..I need to change the display name once a! :P

Latest endurance 0600..

haha..just flew 30mins ago..but in quite a lousy weather though..very about ya there?

Dilah said...

hmmm....seems like its one of your flying buds. =)