Sunday, April 03, 2011

Price Tag

the other day, the sister and family came up to kl for a surprise visit.

so the next day during breakfast, there was only wholemeal bread in the house. again, it was a surprise visit, and hence i couldn't prepare their "welcome". now no kids i know actually likes wholemeal. they prefer white bread, and if i knew they were gonna be staying with me, i'd buy white bread.

i was being too nice. kids hate wholemeal bread.

so when IvanTheTerrible saw me chomping on my bread, he quizzed:

"uncle sharman, why you buy the wrong bread? this not nice one. yuck".

ahhhh brutal kid honesty. but how do i explain that i intentionally bought that bread? because not a single reason seems to be good enough to overcome the "yuck" statement.

on a random note. i wanna own a house sometime in the future. i don't really care what the house looks like, but i want a big lawn. i want a house and lawn because i wanna keep a dog. a golden retriever. and he needs to run. yes, it will be a he. if he's behaved, he'll have his own bitch. she will be smaller. maybe one from the pound. i think it's pitiful if you keep a dog and not allow it to run. and being in kl, there's no parks to bring your dog for a run.

and being in kl, that kinda house, i can just dream of owning with such a price tag.


savante said...

YOu can come buy that house in Miri!

TKDaddict said...

aiyak...captain time sure can... big lawn siap with swimming pool also :) then i come tumpang swim :)

la.leche said...

Everything starts with a dream. Go crazy with it.

Btw, wholemeal bread sedap okay!!!

sharman said...

savante: do you need a crazy neighbour? hehe

tkd: haiyoooo. when that day comes, i think my gaji pun no value d haha... i'll just crash ppl's couch la

la leche: true that. the dream is now in my head. when will it materialize???

hehe kids generally dont like wholemeal mah