Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Two Chairs

two chairs stood there,
you sat in one,
it looked like you were waiting,
"for me?" i kept thinking.

two chairs stood there,
nonchalantly you whisked me everywhere,
like i knew your past and you knew mine,
on my face you painted a smile so childlike.

you rattled stories seemingly careless,
unknown to me this beguiling world of yours,
piece by piece i patched the scene,
no time i had to even ask your name.

second day and you quizzed my day,
as soon as i walked in you had your first say,
i lament the mundane; what was going through my head?
you took no note then went ahead.

first out came the past,
trivial matters of the lost,
then the sorrows ensued,
my knees went weak and in that chair i slumped.

following day you were by the window sill,
you began with all your wants and will,
i noticed for the first time you were an enthusiast,
i drowned at that sight while sinking into seat.

through the window pane the beams gently fell,
such a beauty had got me under a bewildering spell,
then in all fascination it occurred to me,
i knew your past, your future, but never your name.

two chairs stood there,
you sat in one,
it looked like you were waiting,
"for me?" i kept thinking.

but darkness had fell over the room,
and the light in your eyes was covered in gloom,
i took the seat and asked if you were okay,
"this chair is taken", and you turned away.


Tharish said...

For some reason, this reminds me of Two Drinks. Lame, i know =p

sharman said...

really? i thought two drinks was more of a one-sided scene?

Tharish said...

Two Chairs seems like it to.. The presence of the other person in Two Chairs is almost nugatory to the writer's soliloquy.

Hey, maybe the guy in 2 chairs ended up going to the bar and having 2 drinks! LOL!

sharman said...

actually, everything about the writer's soliloquy is due to the presence of the other person. oh well, different interpretations :)

but yes, i think two drinks would do him good. definitely LOL

Anonymous said...

If the seat needs to be filled..,
I 'm gonna be okay..,
Letting go is hard..,
But I will never turn away...

You walk right in front..,
And I simply stand right behind..,
Hoping that one day you will see..,
the vision that instills in the mind...

I hope I can stay here and stand within my ground..,
Until the day will come when you finally turn around...